Monday, April 19, 2010


I feel old.

Oh well, I'm old. or I am getting old.

The signs? the fact that I am always on the look out of best anti wrinkle face cream, best anti-aging cream and many more kind of cream means I am old.

My body clock is telling me I won't be able to conceive anymore. I might but I am already on the high risk if ever. But I would still welcome it whatever risks it maybe. The question is will I have or will I not get pregnant?

I know it's becoming frustrating to read about my rants on pregnancy issues here but please bear with me. This is where I let out all those frustrations.

Again, I am not losing hope. I don't want to lose hope. And I put my HOPE in GOD because isn't it true that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE TO HIM?

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