Saturday, April 24, 2010

4th Anniversdary picture at Mandarin Hotel

That's our sort of 4th anniversary picture :) taken yesterday at the Mandarin Hotel.

Nope, we didn't have anniversary celebration  but I was there for work and hubby came to just see me and have lunch there.

The stressful week is finally over and thank God it's weekend. I can sleep all day tomorrow and rest. For next week will be another stressful week with all the work I left at the office for two days. This afternoon, I actually thought if I can do sales because of the product launch that we did in Mandarin, although I do not have backround in marketing and sales but if I learn how to talk and quote I think I'll be bale to do it. I'll see if I can learn from insurance quote I read and do the same for the products that we launched today and yesterday.

Wow..been talking about work again here while I should be resting.

Have a nice weekend everyone!

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