Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hongkong Disneyland

I'm actually dreaming of going here.

We've been to Hongkong last year but we did not visit the Disneyland, first because we have not enough funds, second our visit was a ministry visit and we only have few hours free for leisure.

But this year, I've already booked for us a one way ticket to Hongkong on September. An airfare ticket from Cebu Pacific that is almost free. P72.00 for both of us. The thing is we don't have ticket going back to Manila yet. At least I'm one step closer to that dream.

I've also looked into Disney World hotels and that's another big dream for us. You see, an overnight stay in the Hong Kong Disneyland hotel will cost us P14,700.00 and that's super expensive for us. But who knows? I might get a cheaper rate or someone out there with a good heart might gift us with that right? September is still 4 months to go and a lot can still happen.

Anywyas, for those planning to go there, here is the arte I got from their website :

Room Rates (January 2010 - March 2011)

Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel
Find the dates and accommodations that fit your family's needs as you experience the Disney heritage in this magical hotel.
Room Type Value      Regular           Peak
Garden ViewHK$1,800    HK$2,100          HK$2,400
Sea ViewHK$1,900    HK$2,200                   HK$2,600
Sea View with BalconyHK$2,100    HK$2,400          HK$2,900
Fantasia RoomHK$2,400     HK$2,700          HK$3,200
Kingdom Club RoomHK$2,900    HK$3,200          HK$3,800
Kingdom SuiteHK$6,000           HK$6,000          HK$6,500

Dream on Raquel..after all..dreaming is free!

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  1. hi rocks! ako rin, i've always wanted to visit disneyland so i hope you'll get to go there this coming september.


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