Monday, April 26, 2010

beautiful wedding favors

I'm in the wedding mood today :) probably because we just had our 4th wedding anniversary and as usual that brought me back to thousand of memories during our wedding. Our wedding preparation, our wedding vows, our rings and all. of course I love everything about our wedding, love your own siempre. I love our invitations which I personally laid out and wrote all the Tagalog wordings. And now that a friend is getting married soon, I am into look out of new and beautiful wedding favors. I saw this and I said oh I would have love this for my wedding because I am a certified coffee addict :)

and these bamboo inspired favors are nice too! perfect for our Filipiniana theme wedding :)

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  1. Hi. I would just want to thank you for posting all the filipiniana wedding info. I want my wedding invitation to be in tagalog too. So this is a big help.


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