Friday, April 2, 2010


It's our wedding anniversary month. We are officially "four" on the 21st. And guess what we did tonight? oops..not what you think..hehe!

We watched our wedding DVD. What a way to start the celebration of our wedding month.

And as we are watching, we started laughing how everyone looks that day and oh I can't believe how skinny my husband was. And he was serious through out the wedding ceremony.

As usual the most touching part was the exchange of vows where I cried first. And I teased him when I heard his vows and reminded him of what he promised to the Lord and to me. Like his hands might get hurt in repairing and making our home comfortable for me to live in ( as far as I remember, he was hurt once when he did install faucets and water pipe in our old sink). You can see our whole tagalog wedding vows here.

It was nice watching that. It was nice to see that once in my life I was beautiful and all smile not to mention I was 35 lbs lighter. hehe!

We still have long way to go, we still have adjustments to do, we still have to go through many fights and disagreements, there is still lot to be learn about married life but we are not afraid as long as we are going there together with our hands and heart entwined by God's love.

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