Sunday, March 21, 2010


Tell me what you do when you miss home?

because I've just said a while ago that I'm missing home..I don't need to dwell on that right?

and one of the best thing I know to not be as sad and homesick as I can be is to work. So I will work till I get tired and till I have no more time to think of that homesickness.

First order of the day is to check my emails, check facebook and read about muscle milk reviews. Hubby doesn't need it and so am I but maybe a friend can use the info someday.

I haven't checked my facebook account for quite sometime now so I'll do that later.

This would probably the second to the last of my chance to do internet so I'll be grabbing the opportunity. And besides, it eats time and boredom.

Be safe evreyone!

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