Sunday, March 21, 2010

It pays to read reviews

I think I lost weight. Not because I took any diet pills or anything, I will not take risk anymore specially that I read a lot of not so good reviews on diet pills, I actually just read this xenadrine reviews and it was kinda informative.

You know what? It pays to read reviews first before deciding right? I do that a lot.

I read reviews of hotels, hostels or inns before I chose and book one.

I read reviews on nice restaurants, cheap restaurants, good food.

I also read reviews of some products I buy.

My husband read a lot of reviews about gadgets and musical instruments especially on guitars.

But back on my losing weight, I just noticed it this week. And hopefully when I weigh (If I would have the guts) it would only prove what I noticed.

Being away from home makes me lose weight. Yey!

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