Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dentist appointment soon

I seriously need to see a dentist, no not a Plano dentist. A regular dentist will do. Why? When we were away I had a major tooth ache and I know it's from the teeth that has been overdue for extraction years ago.

The husband is ever faithful to remind me (well, at least every time it hurts) to have it done as soon as possible but the ever hard headed me always forget it (when it is not hurting anymore).

I wish I don't have to go, not because I don't want it extracted or I am afraid or sort of but mainly because it means spending money. Sigh

Have you been to your dentist lately? How many times do you go to your dentist? To tell you honestly I only go when I need it (read : really really need emergency) so making appointment to dentist is unusual for me.

But it is inevitable next week. Wish me luck then.

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