Thursday, March 25, 2010

Coming home

in 4 days and I can't wait. Tomorrow will be our last day in the village. I have mix feelings about this but I am writing this but I am writing that in my ministry blog.

This trip meant a lot for me and my husband. This was our very first mission trip together and we've learned a lot through this trip.

We've made new plans, we're praying for new things and we're looking on new direction now.

But still, Manila will always be our home, by saying Manila that means Philippines. There's no place like home. I guess I've said that many times. And even if I stay long outside I will still consider my country my home.

As a matter of fact, me and my friend whose with us here are thinking of new business when we get back home, a small food store or a clothing store are on the top of our discussion, I'm sure we will be needing a lot of stuff, money is number one, supplies such as the clothes to sell and things like mmf drawer or cash register and a lot more stuff. I just hope this plan comes to reality.

One thing for sure though..I'm counting my last days in my 8-5 job now. That's for sure.

We'll be leaving again for more mission trip and I know I can't always take a leave. That's unfair for the company.

But before all these...I have yet to come home.

In 5 days. See you all there!!!

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