Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Addiction and coffee

Hi everyone! First I would like to sau sorry for this blog will not be updated asI am often as I used to before because for so many reason. One, I am currently out of the country and second, Internet to where I am now is not as available like there in Manila. But I promise to update at least once or twice a week.

Life is different here, I m still on the adjustment period and I know I am coping well. Weather is even more humid, there is no pork available in all the grocery store and I'm missing it badly, life is simplier because we are curently staying in the province.

One good thing though (except for knowing that you are doing God's will) is the coffee. You see, there are several coffees here and I am loving it! Even the ordinary coffee (*same brand fromManila) tastes even much better. I do not know why though.

So yes, I am addicted to coffee, I think I already said that here many times. Well, at least am not addicted to some prohibited drugs or the like. And I don't need to go to any rehab center for my addiction. Speaking of rehab, have you heard of Steve Tyler being sent to rehab center because of painkiller addiction? I do not know you can be addicted to such. Was he sent to Passages Malibu Addiction Cure Center ? Because I also know some celebrities going there, so it must be good, I read that in Passages Malibu, you'll get to be treated very well, they will get into the bottom of the addiction itself and treat the underlying cause of the addiction. See some Passages Malibu video if you have time so you would know how it is.

I'm glad I am only addicted to coffee and right now I am enjoying my cup of coffee here with me.

Till my next post people!!

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