Monday, February 1, 2010

Thoughts on our marriage

Our marriage is not perfect, we also have arguments, we do fight, we have disagreements just like any normal couples out there.

But I am somewhat flattered that some people think if we do have those mentioned above.

Yes, my husband is a church worker, a missionary, a worship leader but he is not saint, he still has shortcomings and so do I.

And you wouldn't know, we might even have bigger arguments than what you guys usually have because you see our marriage is not the normal type of marriage. For one, my husband is much younger than me, second I am the one who earns for our living. It is not easy I tell you. I also have those low moments. But we do manage to get along.

Our 3 years and 9 months marriage is a "work in progress" because we are individually both "work in progress". Our God is tirelessly working on us 24/7.

And I praise Him for what ever people see in our marriage is purely HIS work. To God be the GLORY!!

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  1. I so agree with you here sis! keeping the faith and prayers do really wonders.

    Nga pala re: moving to WP. research lang talaga and mas ok talaga if self hosted. If you decided to get one just message me so I could refer you sa tumulong sakin. :)


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