Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Stay at Home Wife for 5 days

at least for a week..I've got to experience to stay at home while the husband goes to IT office everyday.

And I am on the third day now, and this is also the first day that the husband is not coming home for lunch. I feel bit bored but still enjoying the rest I needed. This is the first time I'm resting from work since I don't know when. Been working hard and I know I deserved a little rest..

And because I have nothing to do most of the day..I got to think of..

... if this is my real life..wouldn't I be bored most of the time?

or would I have my own business na? would have I mastered the balloon decors by now or ventured into selling e-cigarettes?

..or would have I involved more in our church ministries? or IT ministries?

It's hard to tell actually..but for sure I won't be staying long at the house and do nothing, that is not my personality. My hands will surely find something to do.

But for now, since this will only last for 5 days. I believe I am entitled to just do nothing.

I love the feeling of being a STAY AT HOME WIFE. naks!

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  1. i'm also a stay at home wifey now...:) but looking for a new job


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