Saturday, February 13, 2010

Our DIY Heart Balloon

This is another balloon creation of me and hubby, notice how the red colors are different? and the pink ribbon below the heart? It is because we only made use of what we have, we realize we don't have the same size and shape of balloons to create this heart, but still I believe hubby made it look so beautiful, the guests didn't notice the difference at all. They love it! everyone wants to have his/her picture in the heart balloon, now if only there's an outdoor cushions right below the heart so they can sit and relax while having their picture taken, it must have been perfect!!To create that, hubby bought a rod at the hardware store, shaped it into a heart then inserted the balloons by four. You can actually search for it in you tube, I asked hubby to watch it and presto! we were able to make one tonight :)

SO anybody wnats to have some balloon decors? ask me and we will gladly do it ;)
All the pictures were taken just last night at the couples valentine's party in our church.

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