Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My chicken adobo

This was last Saturday lunch meal, you see Is till cook when I am in the mood :) and one of my super favorite is the adobo, it's easy and the husband love it! When do this he stops reminding me about my diet..hehe! because he too eat a lot.

That was my bowl :) I also cooked buttered cauliflower with oyster sauce which is the newest addition as my comfort food. Who would need the best wrinkle serum if you always eat veggies right?
Let's wait and see if I'll be in the mood this weekend, I've been wanting to cook my version of "sopas" so I hope I could do it this Saturday.


  1. pwede bang wag gutumin? magwa 1am ma o! hahah!

    musta Rocks! i just moved Peaceful Mind in this address [] pa update naman ng link, please..thank you!

  2. Hi nancy! sige will update your link :) nag migrate ka ba from blogger to WP?

  3. I love adobo, but can't seem to cook them well...those cauliflowers compliments the adobo..yummy.

  4. your chicken adobo looks scrumptious, just the way I like it, walang sabaw.

  5. nagugutom din ako. luto ka nito later. hahahaha


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