Sunday, February 14, 2010

My awful and happy valentine

Is not a good one, it was totally awful, I did not even bother to wake up till it's past 1 in the afternoon. I didn't have breakfast and lunch. I didn't go to church this morning also which made it all the more awful. Why? well, you can read the story from my other blog.

So yes, I started my day at around past 2 Pm already, went down, ate and then went up to our room again, opened the PC and played some facebook games.

But guess what? it doesn't mean my day ended bad like the way it started because it's not. While playing I got a call from a dear friend who just came back from Palawan and told me the good news :) She's pregnant!! She said she had two pregnancy kit and both gave her two lines. I can sense the excitement, the happiness in her voice!!! although it's sad that she can't have coffee anymore but well I guess it's just right for her to not have any coffee but take prenatal vitamins instead.

Can't wait for her to tell our other friends the good news!! I'm sure everyone will be as excited as I was. But oh..I forgot she told me not to tell anyone yet so keep quite ok?

So you see? because of the happy news my day ended up with a special dinner at our house with crabs, pan grilled blue marlin, buttered vegetable, crab and corn soup, a cake, fresh oranges and a red wine to celebrate the day.

Hope you too had a fine day today! Have a happy week ahead everyone!

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