Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mother's love

Have you watched "Wish ko lang" this afternoon?

I did and I cried. The old lady whom all children were polio stricken broke my heart. She was in her 80's already and is still working so she can feed I think five of her adult children who can't walk. And maybe she's one of the many people with rheumatoid arthritis but still doing her best. One of her daughter even said that it's ok for their mother not to eat as long as they (children) are all eating.

The love of the mother completely amazed me. How big her heart is. And I am thankful there's someone who was bothered enough to ask help from that TV program.

I have yet to be a mom and I still do not know If I am capable of such LOVE. I can only admire those mom who loved so much but I could not tell yet how it feels, how it feels to see your kids starve, to see your kids not being able to walk, not being able to go to school..

ahhh..mothers are angels in disguise.

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  1. Your heart just bursts with love for your children!! Thank you for your comment!


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