Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mistakes are not FREE

Moving on from "pictures lost" event last Saturday night. I am actually so glad to find out that some photos were also saved in my office computer so I moved/copied that now to our home PC and to my USB, we have yet to buy CD's for another back up. I have loads of pictures since I bought our digital camera so I will be needing a lot of back-ups. That is one lesson learned the hard way so I am more careful now and you bet the husband is even more careful.

But shouldn't we all be careful in everything we do? not only with pictures but I guess with everything, after all MISTAKES ARE NOT FREE right? If you are careless your wasting money, time and effort. You printed the wrong page? wasted paper and ink, you texted the wrong person? wasted money and energy, you dialed the wrong number? another wasted time. You made the wrong turn? wasted gas, wasted time,wasted energy. Before buying konjac glucomannan make sure you know what it is, read the reviews and all, I'm sure you do not want a huge money being gone to waste right?

Now I should always REMEMBER that.because yes, I do lots of mistakes so I better be doing what I have just said.

Again, reminder to ME -mistakes are not free so it won't hurt to check and double check.

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  1. glad to know that you were able to retrieve some of your photos!!;)


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