Saturday, February 27, 2010

Flower arrangement from him

Did I blog about the flowers the husband gave me on my birthday? I think I posted about the simple dinner but forgot to note that the husband surprised me with a very simple flower arrangement for the first time. He's really not used to giving me flowers because he's more on the practical side, you know the type of man who'll give you gifts that you can use. Last year if I remember it right he gave me a wallet or the camera bag.

When we were still engaged, he'll give me flowers that was pick up from floral centerpieces and that gesture never fails to make me laugh. Sometimes he'll sneak after the event and picked the most beautiful flowers he'll see and give it to me.

I must agree with him though that sometimes flowers tend to be super pricey especially on Valentines Day so you guess I've never received any flowers from him on valentines day and I think I will never get one on my entire life. hehe!

Why he gave me flowers on my birthday? that's a question I asked from him too and guess what he answered back? he said he find out that there's a cheaper flower arrangement he can afford to buy. Frugal husband. Here's the picture of my flowers :) I loved it!! It's maybe cheap but I appreciated it so much :)

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  1. oh the pretty! sweet naman ni hubby!


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