Friday, February 5, 2010

Birthday wishlist

2 days to go and it's my birthday!! I chose not to celebrate this year, no gatherings, no dinner for close friends either, I'll just make it as normal as possible :) but hey friends even if there's no such I will still accept gifts..hehe! So here' s my birthday wish list for everyone!

1. A brand new cellphone!! with cell phone signal booster and one that I can use to update status in facebook :)

2. From my christmas wishlist - A notebook! HPnetbook or Asus eeepc.

3. Trip to a beach resort :) a short beach vacation, will love it to the max!!!

4. A pair of new jeans

5. a new make-up kit

well, those are just wishes and I know wishes do come true sometimes.

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  1. hi sis! parehas tayong february 7. happy birthday to us!


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