Saturday, February 27, 2010

Flower arrangement from him

Did I blog about the flowers the husband gave me on my birthday? I think I posted about the simple dinner but forgot to note that the husband surprised me with a very simple flower arrangement for the first time. He's really not used to giving me flowers because he's more on the practical side, you know the type of man who'll give you gifts that you can use. Last year if I remember it right he gave me a wallet or the camera bag.

When we were still engaged, he'll give me flowers that was pick up from floral centerpieces and that gesture never fails to make me laugh. Sometimes he'll sneak after the event and picked the most beautiful flowers he'll see and give it to me.

I must agree with him though that sometimes flowers tend to be super pricey especially on Valentines Day so you guess I've never received any flowers from him on valentines day and I think I will never get one on my entire life. hehe!

Why he gave me flowers on my birthday? that's a question I asked from him too and guess what he answered back? he said he find out that there's a cheaper flower arrangement he can afford to buy. Frugal husband. Here's the picture of my flowers :) I loved it!! It's maybe cheap but I appreciated it so much :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Stay at Home Wife for 5 days

at least for a week..I've got to experience to stay at home while the husband goes to IT office everyday.

And I am on the third day now, and this is also the first day that the husband is not coming home for lunch. I feel bit bored but still enjoying the rest I needed. This is the first time I'm resting from work since I don't know when. Been working hard and I know I deserved a little rest..

And because I have nothing to do most of the day..I got to think of..

... if this is my real life..wouldn't I be bored most of the time?

or would I have my own business na? would have I mastered the balloon decors by now or ventured into selling e-cigarettes?

..or would have I involved more in our church ministries? or IT ministries?

It's hard to tell actually..but for sure I won't be staying long at the house and do nothing, that is not my personality. My hands will surely find something to do.

But for now, since this will only last for 5 days. I believe I am entitled to just do nothing.

I love the feeling of being a STAY AT HOME WIFE. naks!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Super hot!!

Have you notice how hot it is today? It's like I'm sweating all day. I realized how blessed am I to be working in an air conditioned office, the heat today made me miss the office (but not the work).

If I am only rich..If only I could afford an aircon and the electricity bill. Maybe I should enroll in medical coding training courses and change job, I don't think I'll ever get rich in my kind of work.

right now, I am just typing but it's like I am doing a rigorous activity. And it's not even March yet??
I imagine how hot it would be on the next months to come.

Anyone wants to donate an airconditioning unit please???

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mother's love

Have you watched "Wish ko lang" this afternoon?

I did and I cried. The old lady whom all children were polio stricken broke my heart. She was in her 80's already and is still working so she can feed I think five of her adult children who can't walk. And maybe she's one of the many people with rheumatoid arthritis but still doing her best. One of her daughter even said that it's ok for their mother not to eat as long as they (children) are all eating.

The love of the mother completely amazed me. How big her heart is. And I am thankful there's someone who was bothered enough to ask help from that TV program.

I have yet to be a mom and I still do not know If I am capable of such LOVE. I can only admire those mom who loved so much but I could not tell yet how it feels, how it feels to see your kids starve, to see your kids not being able to walk, not being able to go to school..

ahhh..mothers are angels in disguise.

Great Lazy Saturday

I love lazy Saturday know days like your waking up time is lunch time and then after eating a hearty lunch you can go back to bed or hit your computer and play all the games you want..

I cherished those days because those days are very rare to me.

So I am going to enjoy it today..because today is one of those rare days.

So I will take my time, play some more games and will browse some sites and see if I can find a job in Singapore, comments to friend's status, read book and sleep.

This is going to be a great day..This is a great day!!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Traffic Violation

On our way to the office this morning, we bumped into loads of MMDA men and guess what? yes we got a ticket. Our first for this year and hopefully the last.

I should have listened to hubby, you can imagine his face while the officer was talking to him and I was like really blaming my self for not listening. He checked his license but didn’t confiscate it. He didn’t also check the papers and the bike/car insurance.

Our violation? I am not wearing a HELMET and this was the first time I did it. I mean, hubby is very strict when it comes to that, he always made me wear one even if we will just travel 3 blocks away from our house. But this morning as we are in a hurry and I don’t want to be late we went off without my helmet on but hubby said go get it but I ignored him and said it’s ok.

Well, it is really not ok. Another lesson learned. Now we have to shell out 150.00 pesos for that paid thru Metrobank.

Birthday pictures :)

My cake :) Thank you Rachael for that yummy cake and the chicken and the gift! You brought a lot that night..and you know it's not necessary..I love you!!

Blowing the cake with my husband's help :) He thought I might not be able to blow all the candles and he wants to have his piece na.

This salad is from Carmel and Andrew (if I am not mistaken) Thank you so much for organizing this dinner..I was really surprised!!! First time ever..hehe!

With all the food that night, we all needed a quick trim kind of exercise the following day.

and finally eating time..Thanks again everyone :) God bless you all in return!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hair loss and PCOS

I’ve been noticing it for more than a week now, every time I condition my hair there are lots of fallen hair I see on the bathroom floor. I already changed the brand of conditioner I use twice.

I don’t know if it has something to do with my PCO (polycystic ovary). I know a lot of PCOS symptoms but have not read anything about hair loss. I guess have to research about that.

For the mean time, do you know any hair loss prevention vitamins or foods or anything?

I already have thin hair since birth so I’m scared to lose some more.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My chicken adobo

This was last Saturday lunch meal, you see Is till cook when I am in the mood :) and one of my super favorite is the adobo, it's easy and the husband love it! When do this he stops reminding me about my diet..hehe! because he too eat a lot.

That was my bowl :) I also cooked buttered cauliflower with oyster sauce which is the newest addition as my comfort food. Who would need the best wrinkle serum if you always eat veggies right?
Let's wait and see if I'll be in the mood this weekend, I've been wanting to cook my version of "sopas" so I hope I could do it this Saturday.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mistakes are not FREE

Moving on from "pictures lost" event last Saturday night. I am actually so glad to find out that some photos were also saved in my office computer so I moved/copied that now to our home PC and to my USB, we have yet to buy CD's for another back up. I have loads of pictures since I bought our digital camera so I will be needing a lot of back-ups. That is one lesson learned the hard way so I am more careful now and you bet the husband is even more careful.

But shouldn't we all be careful in everything we do? not only with pictures but I guess with everything, after all MISTAKES ARE NOT FREE right? If you are careless your wasting money, time and effort. You printed the wrong page? wasted paper and ink, you texted the wrong person? wasted money and energy, you dialed the wrong number? another wasted time. You made the wrong turn? wasted gas, wasted time,wasted energy. Before buying konjac glucomannan make sure you know what it is, read the reviews and all, I'm sure you do not want a huge money being gone to waste right?

Now I should always REMEMBER that.because yes, I do lots of mistakes so I better be doing what I have just said.

Again, reminder to ME -mistakes are not free so it won't hurt to check and double check.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

My awful and happy valentine

Is not a good one, it was totally awful, I did not even bother to wake up till it's past 1 in the afternoon. I didn't have breakfast and lunch. I didn't go to church this morning also which made it all the more awful. Why? well, you can read the story from my other blog.

So yes, I started my day at around past 2 Pm already, went down, ate and then went up to our room again, opened the PC and played some facebook games.

But guess what? it doesn't mean my day ended bad like the way it started because it's not. While playing I got a call from a dear friend who just came back from Palawan and told me the good news :) She's pregnant!! She said she had two pregnancy kit and both gave her two lines. I can sense the excitement, the happiness in her voice!!! although it's sad that she can't have coffee anymore but well I guess it's just right for her to not have any coffee but take prenatal vitamins instead.

Can't wait for her to tell our other friends the good news!! I'm sure everyone will be as excited as I was. But oh..I forgot she told me not to tell anyone yet so keep quite ok?

So you see? because of the happy news my day ended up with a special dinner at our house with crabs, pan grilled blue marlin, buttered vegetable, crab and corn soup, a cake, fresh oranges and a red wine to celebrate the day.

Hope you too had a fine day today! Have a happy week ahead everyone!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Our DIY Heart Balloon

This is another balloon creation of me and hubby, notice how the red colors are different? and the pink ribbon below the heart? It is because we only made use of what we have, we realize we don't have the same size and shape of balloons to create this heart, but still I believe hubby made it look so beautiful, the guests didn't notice the difference at all. They love it! everyone wants to have his/her picture in the heart balloon, now if only there's an outdoor cushions right below the heart so they can sit and relax while having their picture taken, it must have been perfect!!To create that, hubby bought a rod at the hardware store, shaped it into a heart then inserted the balloons by four. You can actually search for it in you tube, I asked hubby to watch it and presto! we were able to make one tonight :)

SO anybody wnats to have some balloon decors? ask me and we will gladly do it ;)
All the pictures were taken just last night at the couples valentine's party in our church.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A friendly reminder!! :)

Bwahahaha!! Oo nga naman :)
photo source :tweetphoto

Our PC is back!

Yepee!! So I'm also back to regular blogging mode again! Why? because finally our old desktop which stopped working for over a month now has come back to life!! Hubby brought it to computer clinic and bingo it is now working!

What a nice birthday gift indeed!

So tomorrow (I mean later because it's already 2:16 AM) I'll be posting some pics from my surprise birthday dinner/party with close friends :)

welcome back dear computer, please don't leave us again. :) We need you :)..hehe!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Birthday wishlist

2 days to go and it's my birthday!! I chose not to celebrate this year, no gatherings, no dinner for close friends either, I'll just make it as normal as possible :) but hey friends even if there's no such I will still accept gifts..hehe! So here' s my birthday wish list for everyone!

1. A brand new cellphone!! with cell phone signal booster and one that I can use to update status in facebook :)

2. From my christmas wishlist - A notebook! HPnetbook or Asus eeepc.

3. Trip to a beach resort :) a short beach vacation, will love it to the max!!!

4. A pair of new jeans

5. a new make-up kit

well, those are just wishes and I know wishes do come true sometimes.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

First day of WALKING

Yup! I made it! I was able to wake up early today and joined a friend in her daily running routine though I only did walking. I hope to jog/run too in the days to come. It's great to be able to do some exercise again, have not done this for quite sometime and it's about time to be serious in getting fit.

Well, last week,we also tried pilates too but someone said it might not be good to me (hmnn, I wonder how she'd come up with that) so we stopped it and we shifted to cardio activities thus the walking came up.

I wish we do have fitness equipment at home so I can do some calorie burning while reading or watching but it's ok, I'll try to look for alternative. Maybe walk stationary while watching a movie or something, that will do fine as long as I move right?

Tomorrow will be my second day. I hope I can do it again!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Thoughts on our marriage

Our marriage is not perfect, we also have arguments, we do fight, we have disagreements just like any normal couples out there.

But I am somewhat flattered that some people think if we do have those mentioned above.

Yes, my husband is a church worker, a missionary, a worship leader but he is not saint, he still has shortcomings and so do I.

And you wouldn't know, we might even have bigger arguments than what you guys usually have because you see our marriage is not the normal type of marriage. For one, my husband is much younger than me, second I am the one who earns for our living. It is not easy I tell you. I also have those low moments. But we do manage to get along.

Our 3 years and 9 months marriage is a "work in progress" because we are individually both "work in progress". Our God is tirelessly working on us 24/7.

And I praise Him for what ever people see in our marriage is purely HIS work. To God be the GLORY!!