Saturday, January 16, 2010

To advertise or not

I have heard good reviews about advertising in Adgitize. And now that their rate is again $14 I am thinking If I should invest now or wait a while.

I only advertise with entrecard and that because I used my EC credits to do it. I am not sure though if I am ready to pay real money for advertisement.

I want to try it but I am having second thoughts. What if I don't get it back? But I guess I would not know it unless I give it a try. kulit ko no?

Well, I'll be giving my self another week to decide on it, for the meantime, I should be thinking of more serious matter like getting rid of belly fat. Me and dear husband are getting bigger each day and since new year started we've been meaning to walk every morning but to no avail. We both cannot do it on mornings as we are always rushing so maybe we can do it at night.

I just hope we can do it soon.

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