Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Time to change

This was our guest Pastor's topic last Sunday at the church. He really gave us something to think or mediate and ponder on. So is it really time to change? I guess so not because it is new year but it is time for you to change if you

-are always late, our Pastor mentioned in going to church but I say it could be in work, in your appointments and so so on.

- are living an unhealthy life, it does not necessarily mean taking the alli diet pill or not eating at all, but I guess it is time to change to eat healthy foods, sleep early, exercise (ok,I'm telling that to my self)

- are not giving time to your love ones, they will not be there always, so say how much you appreciate them as often as you can, express your love,say I love you, visit your mom and dad, go out with friends.

Time to change from bad to good and from good to BEST!!!

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