Thursday, January 14, 2010

Random thoughts

at work. You see I am ta the office but my mind is wandering somewhere else. It's only 4:37 pm and I still have to finish some stuff but I am already dead tired. As in my mind is already shut, so I closed my eyes for a while, open my facebook account,closed it, open blogger and decided to just write while resting. Now that's something new huh? writing while resting, have you ever tried it?

As I have said my mind is wandering from different thoughts but the majority of it think about food, does it mean I am hungry?Right now, I am thinking of dinner later. And it's like I am motivating my self to cook something, have not cook for quite sometime now. I don't even
remember what and when was the last time I cook. That only validates that I am not a kitchen person. I just hope I find myself in the mood to cook later. Ask me to do something, clean the room, clean the bathroom and I will gladly do it, cooking is not just my forte, good thing hubby does not require me to cook and good thing we have a very good friend, housemate that loves to cook!!

I imagine if I already have kids, I hope by the time God granted our prayers for a child I would have then develop a love for cooking, otherwise my children will be lovers of junkfoods and will lack all the nutrients they need, they might even need hgh supplements for them to grow tall. Sigh. Alright then, I should start learning to love the kitchen, I'm weird though because I love watching cooking shows but I really can't cook. :)

I wish I could go home now and see what I can do at home. Wanna guess?

Will I blog? Will I play games on facebook? Will i watch TV or Dvd's? or will I cook?

I'll let you know tomorrow or later! bye!

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  1. Resting while writing is relaxing, so is reading recipe books and not cooking! I hate cooking, too! LOL. But I did learn enough to get by, and better for your kids to get used to your cooking than to others', that way they won't be too demanding and they'll be healthier for it, too. Don't worry, mom's cooking will always be delicious to kids if that's what they grow up on.
    More power to you! Thanks for following me, it means a lot!


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