Thursday, January 14, 2010

Beauty soap

Have you heard of the beauty soap Placenta? Well, i am now a user, thanks to my dear husband who's so concerned about my looks. :) we were at the grocery few weeks ago and he suddenly suggested that I should try using a whitening beauty soap and then proposed that I should buy the placenta thing, I was hesitant at first because it's pricey for me, 81.00 for a bar of soap? compared to the facial foam I am using I still find the foam cheaper.But I gave in to hubby's request. I don't know if he is reading acne products reviews or any beauty products at all, heck i don't even know if he was paid for it. hehe! but he seems very confident about that soap.

The results of switching for me? I still don't know. Right now I do not notice any difference at all but hubby started using it this week and tonight I saw the glow on his face. Why and what? I do not know.

So beauty soap is now my husband's soap.

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