Thursday, January 14, 2010

2009 Highlights

I know it's mid January already and here am I writing about what have happened to us last year, I just want to summed it up in one post and see if what we've accomplished,where we've been too, what we did and how we made it last year.And of course with prayers and hope that this year will be more better than 2009.


FEBRUARY - our first out of the country trip. we went to MACAU for an East Asia IT Missionaries conference and then from Macau we went to HONGKONG.

JULY - I was terminated but it's a blessing, I knew it was coming but I know I will not lose the job. It's like I only moved from one company to another but with termination pay of course!! :)

AUGUST - We moved out of the center (church home) this was one of the toughest decision we made last year but so glad we did, it feels different to live on your own. Our motorbike was also fully paid this month!! Praise God!! That's a major relief for me, a natural sleep aids indeed.

SEPTEMBER - another tough decision was made, my dear husband resigned from being a full time staff of the church but remained to be the music ministry leader. You can just imagine how worried I was, imagine we move out and rented a place and then he resigned, not that I count on that meager allowance he get from it but I admit it was still a big help.

NOVEMBER - dear husband went to a short mission trip to Malaysia without me. He was supposed to stay only there for 2 weeks ended up staying there for one month. Major adjustment for both of us because we were apart for the first time.

Through that whole year, God has been faithful to us, providing for our every need. Though there was no baby news this year,I can say 2009 was still a memorable one for us.

Next post -our trips last year :)

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