Thursday, December 30, 2010

House and scrubs

Everyone is in the new year's celebration mood already except me who is still at work and up to now has still no plans about new year's eve. I don't even know where to spend it. Home or sister's home are my options but if the lazy me strikes again we might stay home and do nothing (well, not really nothing, we might do a dvd marathon)
We were out last night looking for house to rent, we inquired and checked one or two houses but nothing definite yet. How I wish it is as easy as choosing medical unifroms like picking one from the many lines of nursing scrubs on sale from They have cool and stylish designs, you know those type of doctor scrubs that doesn't look ordinary.
I refused to get stressed by the fact that we do not have some place to go to in two weeks. It's new year and I want to have that celebrataory mood too. And by that, I guess I have to start planning what to cook on new years eve. :)

Happy new year everyone!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

In two weeks

We have only 18 days left in our present house. We have to leave on the 15th of January and until now we have no where to move to. I kinda worry now because I didn't realize it was this hard to look for a house here in the metro, well not if you have the money but I only have this certain budget for the house rent.  I thought I'll find one in no time but my golly it's like two weeks more and we're out there on the streets.

And I didn't see this coming, this house hunting at this time of the year, I really didn't see it coming.

I wish I have prepared for this like someone who would buy rain boots in a summer day but I didn't and as I have said I didn't see it coming so soon.

But anyways, my hopes are still high that soon we will be able to see that "house" God has prepared for me and my husband. I just need to spend more time looking around.


Four days left and the year is coming to an end. Year end is the time when I usually do some reflections, looking back, reviews of how has been my life the past year. but this year, I am kinda apprehensive of doing such and the reason is that I'm afraid I'll affirm the fact that I did not do well this year.

Yes, I know I did not do well. In many aspects;

In my job

In my ministry

In my marriage

In my family

And in my self


and I look forward to having the chance to do better next year :)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Special gift to husband

Two days before Christmas and we are still wrapping gifts (well, the husband is) because obviously I'm here typing :) and aside from gifts to wraps, we still have few gifts to buy.

Today, the husband is getting his gift from me too but he's buying it or I might come if I feel better. This would be the most expensive gift I will be buying for him and he's more than thankful. We can't even compare our First Anniversary gifts from this one.

I do not know what's his gift for me this Christmas but I'm hoping I'll be surprised and that I will love it also but if not, as we always say it's the thought that counts.

How about you guys? Are you done with your gifts? Or rushing also like us :)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Arnel Pineda @ Hardrock Cafe

It was Hard Rock Cafe's 15th Anniversary and my boss' birthday. Thank God that we can have night out like this. My husband enjoyed the music ( he had his picture taken with the lead vocals of Kenyo too) and I on the other hand enjoyed the food :)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Bathroom designs (inspiration)

I love the green color of the glass tiles used in this bathroom. Green is always a refreshing color as it represents the nature. Combine it with white and you'll have the perfect bathroom. Well, if you design it with nice bathroom accessories also.

Now, that we are searching for a house, my only requirement is a nice bathroom. I can live in a small house, small room and I don't care as long as I have a beautiful bathroom.

photos from google

How's your December so far?

How are you coping up with December?

I know this is the busiest month for most of us, from Christmas parties here and there, and reunions everywhere,from doing the Christmas shopping and the Christmas rush, indeed busiest month ever.

My weekend was full (especially last Saturday) but it's ok. After all, December comes only once a year :)

We are almost half through with all the activities in the church and ministries and we are still good. Although I promised to give my self a reward right after the chaos. A manicure and pedicure with foot spa, facial treatment, who doesn't need face moisturizers? Just one look at my recent pictures and I know I badly need one. A hair treatment and a whole body massage is what I need at the end of this month.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

4th gen Ipod touch

This is what actually the husband wants (probably have said that a thousand times) but you can't blame me, he's been saying that to me more than thousand times also.

here's why he likes it that much.


* Thinner than ever design
* Retina display - The remarkable 960-by-640 resolution on iPod touch makes everything you see and do on it look even more incredible - like the iPhone 4
* HD video recording - iPod touch lets you record, edit, and share stunning HD video. And because it's always with you, you'll never miss a great video op
* A4 Processor - offers even more exciting gaming
* Genius Mixes
* Plays 15 hours of music on one charge
* FaceTime - brings video calling to iPod touch. So now you can see your friends and talk to them.

And what more? it says " this product is perfect for music lover" but sad to say, he'll not have that but this one instead "ipod touch 3rd gen" which I think is also perfect for music lover like him. I just don't think it's very practical to gift him with something knowing that we need money for the house. right?

And oh, he is not a getting a brand new too.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Funeral planning

I certainly do not want to sound morbid here, not especially when it is Christmas season, but you might ask why am I posting about funeral planning here?

Well, maybe I am just amazed that besides a wedding planner or birthday party planner you can now hire someone to do the funeral planning? It's like they will be the one to handle everything during your time of grief and I heard they also come up with good ideas, I think it's nice that you don't have to deal with such when you are grieving, I just don't think I can do that job. Even if I do love to organize events or parties or weddings, I really do not think I can do a funeral. It's one of my weaknesses.

How do you find it? if ever, would you like to hire one for yours?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Gifts for Christmas

Guess what? haven't bought any gifts for our godchildren yet, not even a piece. I do not even have a list of who and what to buy for each one of them which I usually does on Christmas season. I have few books to give but that's for friends. I do not know but the lazy bug hit me plus the fact that our finances won't let us give gifts to everyone this time which saddened me because if ever this will be the first Christmas that I won't be giving gifts to my godchildren. I still hope I can buy gifts for my small nephews before Christmas day because I know they would want something to open on Christmas eve.

If only I'm rich, I'll buy them everything they would ask me during Christmas time, I'll even buy my nephew a big car with some good ATV Parts because for sure he will love it!

But the reality is I am not rich and I can only buy him a toy car which I know he'll also love as long as he has something from me.

Oh Christmas, why are you giving me stress?

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Random posts

~It's 2:39 AM and here I am still reading a lipofuze review and also iPad clone tablet reviews which sells so cheap compared to the real one. I think I want that for my self this Christmas but I will not decide yet. I don't need the real and expensive one and honestly I can't afford it so when I saw that I can buy something "like" that..I got interested.

~ I finally saw the Leoncios (friends from Georgia) today and  it feels good to see them, the kids are here for the first time. Liah is such a cute girl. Sad that the youngest is sick and will not be able to attend his birthday celebration at Jollibee tomorrow. Wrong timing tigdas.

~ The Bibu Kids Christmas party was also today. It was tiring for sure but very well worth it. (separate post will be in our ministry blog)

~ It's first Sunday of December today _ meaning communion day so I guess I have to sleep now so I can be at the church early tomorrow morning err..later

Thursday, December 2, 2010

House hunting

We are currently on a house hunting again, and we only have till the 16th of January and if we don't find a house after that, we might be sleeping on the street the next day. Though I know God will not allow that. But I tell you, finding a house that will suit your budget (first and foremost) and taste is not easy. Not as easy as finding an affordable car insurance because it is all over the world wide web. But a house that is near to your work or a house that is near your folks, it's quite tiring.

Again, I say I hate moving. I am imagining packing up our things and unpacking it again and boy I am already dead tired.

Please wish us all the best in this house hunting moment of our life.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


This was our dinner last night :) 
Salted eggs with tomatoes
Dried Pusit ( squid)
Dilis (small dried fish) with tomatoes
with cucumber on the side!

You bet I ate more than what I should!! Sarap eh :)

Monday, November 29, 2010

Hcg diet

Have you heard of hcg? I’ve actually read about it from several blog posts but never did an actual research about it until now. Here’s what I found out and I do hope this would be of help to those who are looking for information about this.

HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, it is a natural hormone produce by placenta during pregnancy. How does it work? It has something to do with metabolism, it can be taken orally under the tongue for the rapid absorption of the body, they say it triggers the body to provide a steady flow of "food" received from the fat that your body is breaking down and using. You can also have the injectable one which you inject everyday. Ouch! I don’t think I can do that.

And of course they say it is the quickest way to lose weight, from 1 to 2 pounds a day, now who wouldn’t want that? I guess I cans ay it’s instant weigh loss! But like any diet or weigh loss pills you still have to read facts, read testimonies, research and consult your physician before taking it.

You can actually buy hcg online, so it is not hard to find it, even if it is not available in your country. A lot of online store is selling it and some even offer money back guarantee. The price of the injectable is a bit expensive but I think the oral drop is fair enough.

I think the best advertisement about hcg diet is that they are saying that you will lose weight without really dieting and without exercising. Busy people will love that, this is perfect to those who don’t have time to hit the gym.

I say again, the information about hcg is all over the internet, I therefore suggest read and read and consult you physician before trying especially to women who are trying to conceive like me.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Rachel's Barbie dolls

She has few doll houses too. And I think what's in the picture is what's left of her dolls because although she loves barbie and she loves playing with it like a typical child she end up removing all the body parts of the doll. She also had a barbie party on her 7th birthday. She's turning 9 next year and I know soon she'll get over the doll thing, I just hope she will still love girly stuff because I love to give her girly stuff. Being the first niece in the family somehow made her special to everyone of us. This coming Christmas I still don't have a gift for her but for sure it will not be some kind of muscle builders. if ever, that's for my eldest nephew who is a tweener now.

I still think I would give her another doll this year so she'll have one more to enjoy before she turn another year older.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Will I ever be a MOM?

Honestly, if you ask me right now - my hope of bearing a child is getting slimmer everyday and everyday and I feel like blaming my self, a lot of ifs  kept running in my thoughts.

"if only I got married at an earlier age
if only I had myself regularly checked up by an OB ever since I started missing my monthly period,
if only I am not fat
if only I have money, 
if only I have taken good care of my self..."

Five more months and we're turning FIVE. And I am turning 38 next year. Sometimes I say, it's okay if I'll not be given the chance to become a mother but inside, it is still painful. It is still painful to know that you'll never experience the joy of motherhood, the joy of breastfeeding, the joy of being everything to someone, the joy of seeing your child smile for the first time.

And you know, even if I don't like it, when I look at my friends pictures and see their beautiful kids, I still cry not because I am not happy for them, it's just that the pain is overwhelming and I can't help it.

But I guess I will not dwell with the pain forever, I have to overcome it at some point. I have to accept it one day and begin living a life to the fullest despite not having a child. I know I will someday. After all I maybe not the only married woman in the world without a kid. And adoption is always an option to me.

And I know I will find joy in knowing that my husband's love will not be affected whether we conceived or not and that he will always be there for me, and that the two of us can grow old together. I know I can hold on to the vows he made even if I we are already old and all wrinkly (which reminds me of the eye wrinkle cream I so needed)

I am sure he will still hold my hand and we will still praise God together.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Meeting Friends

I am excited for this weekend not only because it is a long weekend but because I'm meeting (old but good and true) friends of mine. And I don't care if I have to travel 4 hours on Friday night, I am sure all the hassle will worth it. After all I only get to see these friends once a year and it's an exclusive girl night out, well not actually night out but a sleep over unless we go opt to go out for a coffee.

This year it's even more special and exciting because one of them is announcing something which we all do not know yet, that gives us all the more excitement. It will be sleepless night, imagine 6 ladies chatting endlessly. And I know wrinkle creams and all other beauty stuff will be part of the chat.  I am so looking forward to this. Thank God it's happening this Friday night!!
 that was lat year's photo..this year we will be complete!! so happy!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Moving again

I am readying my self for another big change happening to us next year as we are schedule to leave the current apartment we are renting and move on to wherever we can find a nice but cheaper place. And I say again that CHANGE IS INEVITABLE. I am sure gonna miss this house. Although the surroundings can be noisy at times, like last night when the neighbor partied all night long with loud karaoke machine playing till I guess 2 AM.

But apart from incidents like that, I have learn to love this place, it's very near from my office, from my favorite supermarket and from our church. Plus, it's safe.

But as I have said, change is expected and we are embracing that come February next year. My only prayer is that we could find a place that is quiet and safe but will not cost me my whole month salary. God bless us in our search for our next community.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cyber Monday deals

I guess everyone in the United States of America is ready for the Black Friday Sale and to us who do not have such deals, well we do not have to be so sad because Cyber Monday deals from and maybe from other online stores are here and they offer good deals too.

Bad timing though for me because I just withdrew from paypal. I guess shopping for Christmas will have to wait till the end of this month for me. I feel bad that I have to cost cut this time, my gifts will be limited to nieces and nephews only and to some real close friends. And even with that I still have to look for not so expensive gifts, that's why I am on the look out for sale and good deals.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Christmas wish list

For my friends and my family who do not have any idea what to give me this Christmas, here’s my wish list. And I know I am not that materialistic and your love is more than enough but isn’t it nice to have gifts you can open on Christmas eve?

1. Accessories (necklace, earrings, bangles)
2. Starbucks planner (though I know I’ll be getting my self one, thanks for the stickers!)
3. digital frame ( but will also love to receive ordinary photo frames)
4. Books (inspirational / devotional)
5. Trip to Beauty Salon
6. Spa or whole body massage
7. Laptop
8. Trip to Singapore
9. House and Lot
10. A new job

I know the last three are pure wishes but just in case you can give it tome. I’ll be more than happy!!

Black Friday Deals

I’ve been looking on great Black Friday deals over the internet since this morning (and I am drooling) I know we are all screaming because it isn’t happening here. There are really good bargains!! How I wish I live in the US and that I have a good job there of course.
Black Friday would probably the only time I’ll buy stuff for my house. You can even buy dvd’s for $1 dollar!!

And because the frugal in me is itching, I asked a friend to look for an Ipod and buy me one if he can see a good deal. I’m hoping to give that to hubby this Christmas.

I also search online here but still it is cheaper If I can buy from that sale.

Wish. Wish. Wish.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I do not know what’s wrong with me lately though I blame the hormones and the stress at work because I’ve been snapping a lot and I am being too emotional most of the time. Still, I am thankful that my husband understands me and is very patient with me. A lot of time he’s on the receiving line of all the rages and emotions I have. And always, he’ll just be there for me, listening and doing what he can to ease whatever is in me.

Today is no exceptional, I was tired to the highest level and he knows that I cried while I was at the office, when he came to pick me up he said “you want red cup?” ….he knows how to cheer me up and I love him to bits.

And thank God I also have the hormones to blame and if not that I’m sure I’ll be able to find something else to blame..hehe! Probably the weather, the economy, the traffic or the ephedrine diet pills (If I’m into it).

But seriously, I am really thankful for my husband. How he puts up with me with all the tantrums I am giving him, he’s one of a kind. I AM LOVED.


Something that really cheers me up...

Saturday, November 13, 2010

What to do with oily skin

I do have an oily skin, my face would be shining in the middle of the day and when I am in the office and working I just can’t wash it. Thank God someone gifted me last Christmas with oil blotting paper and I so love it! It works best for someone who is busy all day. When I look at the mirror and saw my face shimmering (with oil) I just pull one or two of that paper form my drawer. So if you do not want oily skin treatments that are expensive you can opt for different ways. Wash your face every so often if you can or use the oil blotting paper.

Free shipping at

To online shoppers out there -It's FREE SHIPPING at with their great deals! and I know it's what online shoppers want. Shipping cost can sometime cost an arm and leg and most of the time can be the main reason why people think twice of buying online.But if it's free shipping plus a great deal-who can resist it?

Although it is not buying time yet for us I enjoyed browsing at their items. I wish I could buy right away the 22" LCD Monitor because our monitor is already dying but I have to just wait and see if I can buy it come December.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Christmas-Out of the country?

There is a possibility that the husband and I will be spending Christmas and New Year out of the country and to say that I am excited is an understatement. Although things are not finalized yet and we are still negotiating and praying for it. If ever, it will be an all expenses paid trip plus we'll earn well not a big amount of money but at least to be able to go in an out of the country trip without having to shell out money is a major major treat for us!

I am imagining myself having Christmas dinner with the husband in a place where culture and tradition abounds. Where there are temples instead steel building that we so commonly see everyday.

I really really wish for this one to happen. Keeping my fingers crossed in prayer :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hello everyone!

Wow...No post for 8 days? I guess this is one of the longest time that I didn't posted. Not that I do not have anything to write or share but mainly because I do not have the strength- I've been poorly sick due to severe ear infection this last week and when I get home from the office, (yes, even if I'm sick I still need to go to work and that sucks even more) all I want to do is just rest.

Now that I'm feeling a LOT BETTER I'll try to be active online again.

I hope the ear infection will not bother me again. I hate being sick.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

FInally got to sleep!

We're back from the province. What a great vacation it great that I spent almost two days sleeping. My mom was actually amazed on how long I could sleep. It's like I will wake up and eat then will sleep again..Of course she didn't know that here in Manila, sleep is rare for me.

We didn't even had the chance to visit my grandparents and some relatives tombs at the cemetery. I don't feel bad about it though because I went home to see my visit the living and not the dead.

But at the same time, I wish I had time to chat with former classmates, old friends and see what's going on with their lives. Well, at least I was able to catch and compensate for the many sleeping hours I missed due to work overload.

Welcome back to me!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Bedroom Fix

I’ve been postponing this for quite some time already. It’s been more than a year since we moved here and our bedroom didn’t change a bit with regards to how the furniture was arranged. And I’ve been thinking to move the bed so I can get more space in the room. I removed two plastic drawers already because I really want a bigger space. Maybe I’ll find time to do it just before Christmas. And hopefully I’ll be able to find some cheap and good bedroom organizers that I can use. Our mattress which is a gift is still in very good condition so I am not in the look out for mattress for sale but instead I would love to avail a very nice and chic closet. Our wardrobes keep on piling up and there is no more space in the built in closet.

But I have to remind my self too that there is always this possibility that we move (again) next year. That’s the problem when you just rent. I just hope we could have our own house soon. Oh my PAGIBIG..I need you!

No Ipad yet

I joined Goldilock's PAGBABAGO contest last September, hoping I could win one of the major prize- the Ipad :) But there were many entries that I personally thought were good so I lost all my hopes after reading all the beautiful entries. And the winners I must say were all deserving. Congratulations to you all, especially to the Ipad winner-I hope it came with insurance for ipads package so at least you'll not worry when it got lost or stolen which I hope would not happen at all.

And as for me, I'll keep joining writing or blogging contest-who know I might be the winner next. And besides it motivates me to learn and improve my writing-and for that I guess I'm winning also.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Inspirational Bible Verses

Am always on the look out for inspirational bible verses, and I do love sharing them in social network sites thus inspiring others too. I love reading christian blogs, reading testimonies, stories about faith of people you do not even know really inspires me. There is this one lady who had cancer while pregnant, it's amazing How God healed her and delivered her from the sickness and now the baby is almost 3 years old. Connecting with other Christian women on the online world has help me in my journey of faith. Sharing thoughts about particular bible scenes, encouraging each other and praying with each other. Internet and blogging has opened new friendship for every individual and for someone like me, it is a blessing to have christian inspirational available every time you need one.

Tacloban Leyte Capitol

Another site to visit when you are in Tacloban is the Leyte Capitol. We were amazed on how beautiful the building is - plus the fact that it's very part of the Philippine history.
Located in the City of Tacloban.

 Photo Credits : Me and my husband using our ever reliable point and shoot camera :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cellphones for sale :

When we were scouting for houses to rent last year, I was directed to I thought I’ll only see house for sale there because it was a buy and sell site. But nope, I also saw a lot of houses and condos for rent. Compare to other sites, you’ll find theirs easy to navigate, like for example, if you want to see houses available, you can tick the box that will bring you exactly to pages you want, it says : for rent : for sale : or wanted to rent thus filtering the search pages for you. I find it hard when they all mixed up together when I only need to see those up for rent.

Now that hubby and I are looking for cheap gadgets, am looking for cheap cellphones for sale actually. I feel I need to change my super old model cellphone now. When I say old, it means it doesn’t even have a camera, not even colored. Just wishing we could buy come December.

Another thing we are thankful for the Internet is stuff like this. It’s so convenient to just browse in the comfort of your home and canvass for the things you need. You can even buy without leaving the house. Of course, as pre caution, you just have to be very careful in dealing with online sellers, there are also bogus and scammers around.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Sleep and Skin

I know I am prone to acne and such because of my abnormal sleep hours or the lack of sleep a normal person should have. That explains well the not so good skin I have. But still I try to compensate the lack of sleep with additional liquid intakes hoping it can do a miracle. Anyways I am still thankful I do not have body acne and protruding pimples everywhere. Of course, I’ll try to sleep naman every time I have the chance so it’s like making up for the lost ones. And I look forward to going home to my mom’s this coming weekend. I know I’ll sleep there early.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pole Dancing.Exercise

We used to think that pole dancing is you know a not so good thing for girls. But it is entirely different now. Pole dancing is now another way of exercise and is a sure way to lose belly fat and be sexy!

Ciara Sotto ( an actress) is doing very good at it. I saw her videos in you tube and she's great! My former boss from a previous work is also doing that and lots of celebrities are into it.

I saw a pole one day (during our vacation in Samar) and I posed like this.

And before I can even try to at least climb..I was stopped by my conservative husband.
I just think it is very interesting and very challenging. Don't you?

Friday, October 22, 2010

BPAP International Outsourcing Summit

I know most of you will agree with me that the boom of the BPO Industry here in the Philippines has brought a lot of job and have help a lot of Filipino families here and in the provinces. I have many friends who work in different call center companies and they are all thankful that at least they were given jobs especially those age were already out of the preferred hiring age of companies today. I just hope companies abroad doing the  outsourcing to the Philippines will continue to do so  because as I have said it is helping the economy of the Philippines, providing more jobs thus improving lives of Filipinos. A lot of businesses has sprouted because of the call center jobs, before, you’ll only see convenience store open for 24 hours but now even fast food chains started offering 24/7 services.

I was once attracted to a call center job but I didn’t have the guts then, but now I will surely consider it if ever I lose my current job.

Anyways, the second annual International Outsourcing Summit is happening  this October 26-27 at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza. They’ve lined up great speakers from top companies here and abroad. Sure it will be interesting one. You may visit their official website for more information. 4th Media is a media sponsor and Search Profile Index will also be there.

International Outsourcing Summit

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Beauty Talks

I've mention in my other blog that I am looking for anti- wrinkle cream and am thinking if a wrinkle firming lotionis okay.

You know I super envy this beautiful actress whom I thought had a perfect body but I just learned that she just went a process where she had her skin tightened. And I was like..what? I don't see anything ugly or wrong from her body, but well to each her won, anyway she has the money and she has all the right to do whatever she wants to do.

If I have the money, I would have probably been to beauty clinic many times :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Photo Wall

I wanted to have a photo wall in the house. I initially thought of it in our bedroom but up to now, it is not yet done. Thanks to my ever industrious husband who keeps on postponing doing it. Last year, I've got several picture frames as a gift (because I've included that in my wish list) and I already filled it with different pictures of us from different places we've been too. I know it's not as beautiful as those of Autographed NFL quarterback framed pictures but I am so looking forward to having it fixed in the "photo wall".

I guess I have to bug the husband to do that soon!.


You cannot avoid pain but you can choose to overcome it - Paolo Coelho

And I so agree that you really can not avoid it, as you do not know when it is coming. You can not even prepare for it.

Don't you wish you know how painful it is going to be so you could at least get ready for it?

Would anyone be ready of the pain of giving birth to a lifeless baby? And at the first place..can you call it “giving birth” - while birth is antonym of death?

We can not avoid pain..

But I hope we can overcome it as soon as possible.

I wish my friend will find comfort in knowing that we are here for them.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Need To Stay Awake

It's 1:36 AM and I still have to finish lots of take home work form the office. I need to be awake. I already had a cup of coffee and my eyes are already retiring but I can't sleep just yet.

I guess I have to have another cup. The Lord bless me that I don't suffer from any bad effects (like some of phentermine side effects) from having too much caffeine in my body. And yet, I don't think another cup  would be enough to keep my eyes wide open. This was a very long day and I am already tired to the fullest extent.

What else can I do to keep me awake and functioning as well?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

San Juanico Bridge

I have learned about this famous bridge since I was in grade school and I have since longed to see this bridge. I finally saw it for real last week. It was beautiful and it looks amazing! And even if I didn't set foot on it literally (we just passed by and I took some photos) it still feels great to be able to able to personally take picture of it.

It's not as long as I expected but I think walking through it everyday will beat even the best weight loss pills you are have ever had.
 view from the bridge

Info from wikipedia:

The San Juanico Bridge, part of the Pan-Philippine Highway, stretches from Samar to Leyte across the San Juanico Strait in the Philippines. Its longest length is a steel girder viaduct built on reinforced concrete piers, and its main span is of an arch-shaped truss design. With a total length of 2.16 kilometers (1.34 mi), it is the longest bridge in the Philippines spanning a body of seawater. It is considered one of the most beautifully-designed bridges in Philippines, having been designed by renowned architect Juanito Isko Balunbalunan, a once obscure architect from Tacloban City until the completion of the bridge and the fame for which it was later known.

The bridge has 43 spans and medium size boats can pass beneath its large main arch the top of which rises 41 meters above the sea.Designed by engineer Arvin Valderama and Christian Meynard Barnal, construction commenced in 1969 over San Juanico Strait from Cabalawan, Tacloban City to the municipality of Santa Rita, Samar, with completion in 1973.

The Candaba Viaduct of Pampanga Province which forms part of the North Luzon Expressway is longer, but being a land bridge crossing a few streams, ponds, and a swamp which usually fills in rainy weather, is less impressive.

Connecting Tacloban City on the Leyte side and Santa Rita town on the Samar side, it offers many picturesque views, especially of the San Juanico Strait with its thousand whirlpools as well as the islets of the province. It is approximately 10 minutes from downtown Tacloban City and is accessible by passenger jeepney, bus, motorcab or private vehicle.

Construction of the 21.9 million-dollar bridge was contracted to the Construction and Development Corporation of the Philippines (now the Philippine National Construction Corporation), which together with Japanese engineers conducted studies and designed the actual project.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Shrimp and Crabs

 When we were in Samar, we feasted with shrimp and crabs in everyday.

Shrimps are priced P80 to P100 per kilo and the crabs 100.00 / kilo. They were a lot cheaper so we ate all we can during our stay there. And we had buko also everyday. We just asked some hubby's cousins to get it from lots of coconut trees around.
What a wonderful vacation indeed. Right now, I am craving with that crabs again.So before I drool here, I leave you now and search for that Velo binding for the office. Enjoy the pictures everyone!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

We are back!

I’m back!

I missed blogging and I missed my online world! Five days of no television/no news/no internet/not even a radio, it was very laid back but we loved it. It is rest indeed.

We went boating and swimming under the sun for two days, sunburned skin we had but as I have said it is okay (at least there’s whitening lotion and acne treatment available if ever) we enjoyed our vacation and we had loads of fun. Waking up with the all the greens besides you is wonderful. 

Who wouldn't enjoy this scenery? 

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Keeping a personal health record

I know people who keeps personal health record for so many reasons, one, to keep track of whatever medical problems you have had, to have a ready list of whatever medicines were administered to you and if you have allergic reactions to some kind. Isn’t it a breeze when you go to a doctor and you will just hand him your record and see from there what medicines they should not give you?

An acquaintance of mine years ago was brought to the emergency room and while having trouble breathing, she has to enumerate all the medicines she’s allergic to, so they will not give it to her and bring more troubles to her. It would have been easier for her if she had her PHR right?

Now, it is even much easier because there is now a digital health record, it is a small chip (like USB’s) and you can carry it with you all the time and if emergency arises, doctors can just plugged it into pc and then they’ll be able to view your health records. It will definitely save lives because it will give the doctors more time treating the patient rather than wasting precious time checking the patient’s medical history.

A “very special heart” made it even stylish, they designed a heart shaped pendant, a key chain or a purse which makes it even easier to carry with you all the time.

I want one :)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Balloon Arch

Arch balloons from Caley's 1st birthday

Hcg diet

To all my dieting friends and colleges, I just want to ask you, has anyone of you tried the hcg diet? If yes, in what form? Is it the hcg injections or the oral hcg? What works best for you? I guess for people who are afraid of needles, the oral hcg is the best choice. Why did you choose hcg? Do you think it really works? Because if you are familiar with it, they say that it’s the quickest way to loose weight. As a matter of fact it offers different kinds that will depend on how much weight you want to lose. Do you want to lose 40+ pounds or 20-40 pounds? (In my case, the 40+ pounds)

Well, like any other diet pills or programs, it also tells you to at least watch what you eat and do exercise. Which is the basic thing you have to do if you want to lose weight right?

So, if you have tried this one, please let me know your thoughts.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Do you have Health Insurance?

We’ve been talking about health insurance in the office lately, we do not have HMO plans and last year we didn’t have our annual physical check-up too which was being done for the previous years. Cost cutting maybe. Most of us agree though that we need health insurance, few of my office mates have them and they said it’s worth it. I still do not think we can afford it now but I am hoping to get one for hubby. I just hope it is as good as health insurance in nc and not so pricey. For me, I’ll be contented with my SSS benefits from the government.

Recent Pictures of "us"

I think we both need new wardrobes (me especially). Him also of course, the one he’s wearing was bought last December if I remember it right, he chose it by himself, he always does whenever we are scheduled to buy clothes for him. men's clothing is not my specialty but still he asks for my thoughts before he finally buys it.

We both need to lose weight.
We both look so sleep deprived
We both look happy.
And yes we are HAPPY.

Pictures taken last Thursday. September 30,2010

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Preparing for Tacloban trip

Checklist / things to do

It’s only 4 days before we leave and yet I haven’t done anything yet. So I am taking this note to remind my self of the things I have to do. Not that it’s a grand trip and we don’t even need a ncstar binoculars but just want to be ready.

1. Look for cheap but nice hotel to stay in for at least two nights. (I’ve been searching actually but haven’t decided yet.
2. Draft our travel itinerary ( don’t want to depend on the husband even if it is his
3. Separate stuff to pack in the traveling bag
4. Buy shades (lost mine a month ago)
5. Check weather for the next five days in Tacloban
6. Check/Search about Tacloban Airport (at least get my self familiar)

Got to make my self excited :)

Scrubs that make you feel beautiful!

Healthcare uniform now has evolved from just plain white to a very wide collection of colorful and fashionable scrubs. As a matter of fact, you can now see more stores offering scrubs than before which means it is growing. I love them actually, it’s not boring and if you are sick and confined in the hospital, don’t you want some colors around you so you won’t feel gloomy and sick right? offers discount medical scrubs and they offer free shipping too, if you’re bored with your usual uniform, you take a look at their collection and you’ll never look at scrubs the same way again. I guess when you like what you wear going to work, you’re somewhat motivated to go to work too.

Their medical scrub pants are gorgeous! And the scrub hats are so in fashion. I would definitely want one if I’m in the medical industry. As they have said….finally a scrub that made you feel and look beautiful!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday-Fill ins

1. My back aches most of the time. Need to do some exercise and get Calcuim vitamins.

2. I don't think I've ever been wild.

3. Leaves are falling all around,in the front of our apartment and obviously we need some cleaning.

4. I so dislike someone (especially my hubby) when he is into forgetfulness.

5. Healing is from within.

6. Playing Luxor is what I've been up to lately!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to attending the prayer meeting, tomorrow my plans include sleeping late but that's gonna be plans only because I have to go to work and Sunday, I want to visit my two nephews in San Mateo, Rizal!

Working tomorrow and Medicare

I usually say TGIF during Fridays but today was an exemption. Why? Because I have to report to work tomorrow which is Saturday and it sucks. I can't say NO this time. The boss needs us and because we all want this to be over soon.

On a happy and positive note, that would mean an additional pay so I think I just have to look at that so I'll be happy and smiling coming here tomorrow.

And before I go back to work, anyone needs help with their health insurance or anybody looking for some kind of Medicare part D plans or Social Security disability insurance? You might want to look at and see if they can assist you. I know how hard it is to claim such and I guess it would be better if you get help.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Health Care Jobs

I read from a news article the other day that the Philippines have over supply of nurses. I wonder why and how because I think health care jobs are so in demand right now, just a quick look at medical job sites and you'll see. Or maybe in demand abroad but not here. At least if they apply and get hired abroad, they'll earn more than what they could earn from here. Even if US dollar is not that strong anymore it is still much bigger compare to the Philippine peso.

vacation next week!

I've been working hard lately so I think I deserve a vacation. We are off to Tacloban  (my husband's home province) next week, not that it is a grand vacation where we will be billeted with the best hotel but at least one with a good bed and bath would be fine. And a working bathroom sink of course is a must. I've been looking online and I think I know where to book already. Hope to accomplish that before the weekends.And since we are going for a vacation, no more purchases for me and the husband not even the one with discount area rugs we saw on sale from the mall last week. :)



When buying a certain product do you give a lot of consideration about the warranty? I think we all should right? I hate it when you buy something and it was broken and then you found out the warranty does not cover it. It happened to us when we bought our industrial fan last December. We paid and bought new replacement for the broken part and to think it has only been bought less than a month ago that time. Good thing it was only an electric fan, not such big item. But what if it is something big? Better be safe.

A lot of manufacturers and distributor of consumer goods actually offer warranty to their products only if you buy them from an authorized seller, like the best radar detector, you can get one that is cheaper from different online sellers but warranty does not apply to such. And to an item like that you better buy from authorized dealer. Avoid hassle and head ache.

Dig a lawyers mind

It's a long day work again from the office and it’s extra tough today because we were literally forced to think as a lawyer, defense or prosecutor. It was not easy, though I remember when I was young I used to dream of becoming a lawyer someday. One who does help the poor who can’t afford to hire a lawyer. But I didn’t like the additional years of studying so I said goodbye to that dream. Now, I’m experiencing to be like one, well not like a Texas truck accident lawyer, or the overrated lawyer with the highly sensational case but just the same, we are sort of doing some attorney’s job.

I just hope this kind of work will soon be over and we will all move on to another. A concert maybe? Or an event? Or anything but nothing to do with the trial court please.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Guestbook Idea

Tired of the ordinary guest book you see in weddings or parties? You want something unique? Well, this guest book tree is nice! We will actually try to do to do this in one of my friend's wedding come February. I forgot where we saw this photo (google for sure) but I forgot the exact site so I do not know whom to give credit..(sorry for that) but it's not mine. I just fell in love with this idea.

Baby Announcement!

I’ll be getting two birth announcements for next two months. A friend is due to give birth next month, to a baby boy, she’s on her 36thweek now and another one on November to a baby girl!. boom within my group of friends huh? It’s a shame though that when we are all together and seated together like last night, I also look pregnant like them. Lol. How I wish though that I was but alas I am not. I am just plain big. Hehe

I hope it’s my time soon. I’m excited to make my own birth announcement and prepare for my own kid’s birthday party. 

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Work Talks

I’m home, resting and working at the same time. How I would love to be like this always. At home and yet working but I’ll be patient. I know in the future I will not just wait for a suspension or a day off from work for me to get some rest and work at the same time.

I’ve been working since I was 18 years old even when I was still a student and didn’t have to rest even right after college. I have been in the academe world for at least 6 years and in the corporate world for at least 11 years now. And you can say I am tired.

I worked in the telecommunication industry which is very short (four months) and then moved to horse industry where we process importation of live horses, we do sell also horse medicines and horse tack. Everything about horse I must say.

Now, my present job being an assistant to a boss who owns several businesses from different industries. I’m kind of I do not have a specific job. All I know is I had to assist to whatever my boss needs regardless of any company he owns needs it.

On the other hand, I am glad I have work and that I have a steady income monthly, some are having a hard time finding job especially in this trying times.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Small business-Online payment

As you all know my dear readers, me and my husband have small part time business that gives us extra earnings from time to time. I am praying that next year, this will not be part time anymore but I am wishing it will be the major source of our income. It is not easy but we are slowly getting there. Printing and party organizing will be our bread and butter soon. I am keeping the faith and my hopes high here.

As I have said it is not easy, but then again, every successful business started from small and they didn’t start with a breeze. For now, we are still struggling with finances and the capital but we are coping up. I am learning and it’s good.

I have now made contact with different suppliers and most of them I’m dealing online, so internet is one major part of the business. And I keep on searching for easy payment solutions when it comes to paying. I prefer paying online because it’s faster and hassle free. There are many online payment mode or banking type now over the net and it is really an advantage to those who have businesses. One supplier I met does not accept online payment so it’s quite hard to order with them because it means I still have to go out and deposit to their bank account. Waste of time I should say but it’s how it goes for them.

Anyways, I really wish for our small business to thrive and grow next year.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Books on Sale!!!

I surrounded my self with books today and it's one of those days that how I wish I am rich so I can buy lots and lots of books!. I was able to dragged hubby to Manila International Book Fair at SMX (MOA) this afternoon and I was glad he came. He enjoyed browsing too!
But of course..I enjoyed my loots too!
3 for 100
99 each
20.00 each
50.00 each
and this big alphabet poster (or floor puzzle daw) is 5.00 only

I went there because I wanted to buy some gifts for Christmas but ended up buying for personal reading..hehe. Sana maulit muli :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ref magnet

I am now into Photoshop. And though I know I have to learn more about it, I am proud that I was able to finish some design for ref magnets last week. I will spend more time with it and I'm sure I'll be able to do more with the help of my husband of course. I think we should be both knowledgeable with so if ever one of us is not around or available we can still continue working.

And yes, you heard it right, we are now making acrylic ref magnets, perfect for souvenirs during birthdays and weddings or anniversaries, it's very useful pa. Sample of our work below.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Food, food and food

Forgive me for making you drool (even with a not so good photos) but that’s what I have been eating since Friday. Chicken and pasta galore and potatoes! Please give me an Appetite suppressant diet pills so I could stop the binging. I think I can still eat mojos and baked potatoes and chicken all week! And tomorrow we will be dining out at Soms (Thai Food). Oh gosh. This food tripping has to stop.