Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sweet November Wedding @ Sonya's Garden

I'm stealing that title from the facebook album from which I stole the photos also, credit goes to Hannah, one of the bride's beautiful sister. So here are the pictures.

J-mie waiting for the make up artist

The simple,serene and beautiful altar

the table set-up

The blushing bride walking down the aisle

beautiful love from above

Rachael, the scripture reader

Pam , the maid of honor and me, the coordinator ( Sadly though best diet pills didn't

It was a beautiful wedding, there were glitches like every weddings in the whole world but still it was beautiful!

The day after the wedding, we enjoyed bulalo and tawilis before heading back home!

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  1. is that a christian wedding? it's not a catholic wedding, right?

    But Sonya's garden is such a nice place!


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