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PCOS newsletter -Food is antidepressant

In this issue of the PCOS Health Review newsletter:

1) Vitamins, Your Genes and PCOS
2) Food Is an Antidepressant
3) What Is Gratitude?


1) Vitamins, Your Genes and PCOS

Your genetic inheritance is one of the main
reasons why you have PCOS.

The good news is that you are not a prisoner of
your genes.

You are not destined to be infertile, have excess
belly fat, acne or hair lo.ss, or develop heart
disease and diabetes
just because you have PCOS.

There are things that you personally can do to
make your genes behave themselves and not cause
so much trouble.

There is medical research to suggest that your
genetic inherittance may be causing you to have
trouble properly metabolizing two specific vitamins.

Therefore, you may have a greater need for these
two vitamins.

Read the article on our website for the full story
about these two vitamins:


By the way, both of these vitamins are found in the
d-pinitol formula:


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2) Food Is an Antidepressant

No, we''re not talking about "comfort foods" that lift
you up and then let you down!

We''re talking about whole, healthier foods.

A very interesting study from the University
College London
in the UK found that depressed
individuals consumed "processed food" (heavily
loaded by sweetened desserts, fried food,
processed meat, refined grains and high-fat dairy

In contrast, the least depressed people consumed a
diet of "whole foods" (heavily loaded by
vegetables, fruits and fish).

Depression is a surprisingly common symptom of

"Convenience" foods are your enemy. They
worsen PCOS problems in all kinds of ways,
including depression.

If you need dietary guidance, we recommend this
PCOS diet book:


Read the full article here:

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3) What Is Gratitude?

We all know that PCOS is a stubborn disorder that
can create a great deal of emotional turmoil. The
emotional turmoil in turn produces hormones that
make your symptoms worse, which creates even
more turmoil.

Is there a way out of this vicious cycle?

Part of the solution is to focus your thoughts on the
good things in your life. So long as you''re thinking
about the good things, you''re not thinking about the
bad things. Positive thoughts build health.
Negative thoughts damage health.

One way to develop good thoughts is to think about
everything you''re grateful for.

Find out what three prominent writers have to
say about gratitude. It will inspire you.

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Best of Health,

Bill Slater, Editor
PCOS Health Review

"To live is to choose. But to choose well, you must
know who you are and what you stand for, where
you want to go and why you want to get there."
-- Kofi Annan


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