Tuesday, December 8, 2009


The husband is arriving today!! the countdown is finally over and so is my solitude. Probably he's on his way now to KK airport and will be boarding Air Asia at 1:00 PM arriving Clark at around 3:30 ish and then we expect him to be in the house maybe 6 or seven. That's a long trip I know and he must be very tired but I know he is excited too. How I wish I could gift him a nice day in one of the nicest hotels here, one that is as beautiful as Cozumel Hotels in Mexico, that would be a perfect welcome gift, right?

But since the reality is I am in the office right now, working as hard as I can (ok blogging as fast as I can) and that I can not afford that treat as of this moment, we will just suffice ourselves in our home and maybe a nice dinner later. Anyways..there is no place like home.

Back to work!

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  1. hi sis! just dropping by. i know my comment is late already but i know how happy and excited you were when your hubby came back from his long trip abroad.


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