Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas vacation

It’s December already, the last month of the year. Everyone’s been posting and excited about their planned Christmas vacation and yes everyone’s looking forward for the vacation it self. Christmas is a big thing here and we tend to have the longest day off from work during this season. Like others, we have plan too this holiday, we were booked for want to guess where? It’s not the Myrtle beach golf nor an out of the country trip but we were able to book a ticket for Palawan last April for only 450.00 one way.

Now, I’m kind of excited too, it would be the first trip to Palawan and we will be going with great friends but we have a little problem, until now we still don’t have the return ticket and we can’t seems to find cheap tickets anymore, prices have gone up so high and we know we can’t afford it, otherwise we’ll be spending all our bonuses to tickets only.

So I am now torn into deciding if we’re going to push through or rebook the ticket with charges of course.

If we only need not to consider money…

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