Friday, December 4, 2009

Beach Vacation

It's still on my wish list, a beach vacation for at least week or more and this morning browsing myrtle beach vacation rentals and looking at the nice houses and condos with pools makes me want it even more. We can blame the internet for that. But of course I am still on my sense, I know I can't do that this year but will aim for it next year, not necessarily the myrtle but Boracay or Busuanga will do. I just need to save,save and save.

I'm now 50% sure that our Palawan trip will be postponed so I'm thinking of any alternative that is less expensive, maybe we can go to Anawangin again and spend new year there? Remember our Anawangin adventure last year? it's haven and it's cheap. Now, I have to consider that again.

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