Monday, December 28, 2009

Basha Christmas Party 2009

We always look forward to this party and this year was a blast! We had loads of fun last night, the party was held in our small place, we enjoyed Indian sitting in our as cold as metal tiles floor, foods are potluck as usual and for the first time we had a drink! courtesy of Reggie who is now engaged ( no proposal yet but we're talking of wedding plans already) to Gigi!! and because it was their first time to attend such party, they became the pick of the night. Poor Gigi. Here are some of the pictures :)

there are new faces and we missed some couples :(

The girls and the boys
and the hep hep hurray game!!
Love this cranberry something drink!
Until the next Party!!

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  1. Luv it! hahahha
    am excited for the next year party again. (hoping that I will be able to find a pretty black dress!)
    I just love my friends though sometimes... friends are bit expensive... but you could never find best friends who are cheap!
    see you again next year!


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