Tuesday, December 29, 2009


All my bags are packed I'm ready to go..

yes, we're all set! we are just waiting for some friends and we'll leave soon. We are all excited, I'm excited to travel again with friends, it's a 12 hour trip by land so good luck to us!! hehe! I'm sure all of us will be looking for a body massage or a spa with a good spa filter when we get back, but it's okay. We will enjoy this trip and we will have fun!!

I promise to take good photos and will post it here.

We don't have itinerary yet but we're also okay with that.

So before I finally go, let me wish you all a blessed and peaceful new year!!!!

Excited for Ilocos once again!

yup! you read it right :) we are going to Ilocos province tomorrow at 10pm, we will be spending New year probably in Pagudpud beach..I am so excited to see that blue water again and even more excited because this time it's not gonna be a lightning trip like what we did last March of 2008. We're spending 4 days and 3 nights there!!

And because this is our second time, while searching for insurance online I'm also searching for more beautiful place to see in Ilocos, the places we weren't able to visit last time, one thing for sure, we will visit Vigan again and the Bangui windmills.

Can't wait to see this beauty once again!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Basha Christmas Party 2009

We always look forward to this party and this year was a blast! We had loads of fun last night, the party was held in our small place, we enjoyed Indian sitting in our as cold as metal tiles floor, foods are potluck as usual and for the first time we had a drink! courtesy of Reggie who is now engaged ( no proposal yet but we're talking of wedding plans already) to Gigi!! and because it was their first time to attend such party, they became the pick of the night. Poor Gigi. Here are some of the pictures :)

there are new faces and we missed some couples :(

The girls and the boys
and the hep hep hurray game!!
Love this cranberry something drink!
Until the next Party!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Sleepless, restless

It’s been a busy weekend. Over busy if I may say, it’s like I only had few hours sleep last Friday and last night and obviously I’m still awake right at this moment typing away while the husband snores beside me, so that means I’m getting few hours of sleep again tonight not because of the snore but because of some assignments I have yet to finish.

Let me give you a preview of how our weekend went.

Saturday- Urban poor kids Christmas party, there were 300 kids that morning so you can just imagine how chaotic that was but it’s worth it, seeing them fall in line for our chocolate fountain and wait patiently for their turn while their eyes grow big in expectant of that yummy chocolate, it’s all worth it.

Saturday afternoon – we joined our church in hospital ministry which I am going to write on another post in our ministry blog.

This morning was our church Christmas party where we usually give gifts to friends and godchildren so I rushed some unwrapped gifts last night. And this afternoon was the Sunday school Christmas party as well. So you see at this point in time I don’t see the need of any weight loss pills or a dip machine because even If there’s plenty of food on parties I know I somehow burn that because I also work non-stop during this season.

Tomorrow I still have to go to office, if my body can. If not I plan to work half day and take some rest in the morning.

Busy month. Very busy month.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

What a week!!!

Whew! It's been a busy week! and would still be very busy until Sunday.

Yesterday was IT Philippines Christmas Party,
Today was our office Christmas party, we had a "movie or silver screen" theme and it was quite tiring because the husband and I made the balloons and the stage decor as well, hubs was there in our office the whole day, finishing all the props. I also helped him of course, the props were my idea but I could not do it without him. I can't even move some office furniture to have a bigger working area so I am so glad the husband was there to help and I am also glad they liked it. They should like it after all it's pro bono :)

(the stage that served also as the projector's screen)

Tomorrow, we will be having one kid's party (for our chocolate fondue) and that's 300 kids. I can't imagine how are we going to manage that.

In the afternoon we will go to the "Hospital ministry" of our church. And at 7 pm, we'll have worship team practice for Sunday worship.

Right now, we are still printing t-shirts (doing this while waiting for them to dry) I do not know what time I'll be able to sleep this morning. I let hubs sleep for a while coz I know he's so tired.

Can't w ait for the 24th to come so I can finally have the much awaited vacation.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Major Changes coming up

And in a week or two I'm gonna make one of the toughest decision I'll ever make in my life. I'm quitting from work and joining my dear husband in the mission field. It is not easy. I've been working since college days and didn't stopped working until now. Not that I will not work totally because I still have my online job but leaving a job which somehow makes you feel secure is really hard.

And I'll admit I'm scared.

What if I don't earn enough online? Where will we get the money to pay our bills? house rent, electricity, water, telephone and all.

I just hope I am making the right decision.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


The husband is arriving today!! the countdown is finally over and so is my solitude. Probably he's on his way now to KK airport and will be boarding Air Asia at 1:00 PM arriving Clark at around 3:30 ish and then we expect him to be in the house maybe 6 or seven. That's a long trip I know and he must be very tired but I know he is excited too. How I wish I could gift him a nice day in one of the nicest hotels here, one that is as beautiful as Cozumel Hotels in Mexico, that would be a perfect welcome gift, right?

But since the reality is I am in the office right now, working as hard as I can (ok blogging as fast as I can) and that I can not afford that treat as of this moment, we will just suffice ourselves in our home and maybe a nice dinner later. Anyways..there is no place like home.

Back to work!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sweet November Wedding @ Sonya's Garden

I'm stealing that title from the facebook album from which I stole the photos also, credit goes to Hannah, one of the bride's beautiful sister. So here are the pictures.

J-mie waiting for the make up artist

The simple,serene and beautiful altar

the table set-up

The blushing bride walking down the aisle

beautiful love from above

Rachael, the scripture reader

Pam , the maid of honor and me, the coordinator ( Sadly though best diet pills didn't work..lol)

It was a beautiful wedding, there were glitches like every weddings in the whole world but still it was beautiful!

The day after the wedding, we enjoyed bulalo and tawilis before heading back home!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Missing you

It's been 21 days since you left and only three more days to go. I cannot even say I've gotten used to it because really I don't and I never will. And I'm gonna make sure that this will be the first and last time for us being separated that long. Days and activities are not the same because you're not here, like now, if you're here we should have gone together to Pastor Rommel's live recording of the new album, anyways I'll just comfort my self with the thought that greater things are yet to come for us, there will be more mission trips, concerts, ministries and who knows we might even have Outer Banks vacation homes. The God we serve is the God of impossible and I know there is nothing too difficult for Him.

I miss you and can't wait for you to come home. I love you mahal.

Friday, December 4, 2009


Taken last November 29 by a friend, this view is from where we stopped by to eat our favorite bulalo.

To see more beautiful skywatch photos, click HERE.

Beach Vacation

It's still on my wish list, a beach vacation for at least week or more and this morning browsing myrtle beach vacation rentals and looking at the nice houses and condos with pools makes me want it even more. We can blame the internet for that. But of course I am still on my sense, I know I can't do that this year but will aim for it next year, not necessarily the myrtle but Boracay or Busuanga will do. I just need to save,save and save.

I'm now 50% sure that our Palawan trip will be postponed so I'm thinking of any alternative that is less expensive, maybe we can go to Anawangin again and spend new year there? Remember our Anawangin adventure last year? it's haven and it's cheap. Now, I have to consider that again.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

MC Mountain, Tagaytay

We checked in at around 6pm of Nov 27, we paid 7,500 for two rooms for the first night and one room for the second night. That includes breakfast for 7 people for the first morning and for 4 people on the second.

Choices for breakfast were longganisa, hotdog, tocino, and corned beef, all with rice, egg, drinks (pineapple, iced tea, orange, coffee) and a fruit (banana or pineapple)

The published rate according to the site and brochure is 2,500 for the room but good for two adults only. The owner was easy to talk to and she gave us discount.


We opted for MC Mountain because it’s the nearest apartelle in Sonya’s garden, And me being the coordinator needs to be there early in the morning during preparation since we don’t have the van yet we took the tricycle early that morning and paid 24.00. It’s like less than 5 minutes away.the mini kitchen

in front of our room

Our room is just basic but spacious enough for all of us. There’s hot water in the bathroom and in the sink. You can also ask for hot water for your coffee or noodles. The staff was all courteous and nice.

For the price we paid, it’s sulit na plus you have internet outside your room (lobby).

It would have been better though if they have a 24 hour store, they can sell snacks, coffee, toiletries or some stuff for remembrance like a Personalized Jewelry there. Guests would surely love it. We were hungry when midnight came and we're too lazy to go out so I guess it would better if they have convenience store in the area.

Christmas vacation

It’s December already, the last month of the year. Everyone’s been posting and excited about their planned Christmas vacation and yes everyone’s looking forward for the vacation it self. Christmas is a big thing here and we tend to have the longest day off from work during this season. Like others, we have plan too this holiday, we were booked for want to guess where? It’s not the Myrtle beach golf nor an out of the country trip but we were able to book a ticket for Palawan last April for only 450.00 one way.

Now, I’m kind of excited too, it would be the first trip to Palawan and we will be going with great friends but we have a little problem, until now we still don’t have the return ticket and we can’t seems to find cheap tickets anymore, prices have gone up so high and we know we can’t afford it, otherwise we’ll be spending all our bonuses to tickets only.

So I am now torn into deciding if we’re going to push through or rebook the ticket with charges of course.

If we only need not to consider money…

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

PCOS newsletter -Food is antidepressant

In this issue of the PCOS Health Review newsletter:

1) Vitamins, Your Genes and PCOS
2) Food Is an Antidepressant
3) What Is Gratitude?


1) Vitamins, Your Genes and PCOS

Your genetic inheritance is one of the main
reasons why you have PCOS.

The good news is that you are not a prisoner of
your genes.

You are not destined to be infertile, have excess
belly fat, acne or hair lo.ss, or develop heart
disease and diabetes
just because you have PCOS.

There are things that you personally can do to
make your genes behave themselves and not cause
so much trouble.

There is medical research to suggest that your
genetic inherittance may be causing you to have
trouble properly metabolizing two specific vitamins.

Therefore, you may have a greater need for these
two vitamins.

Read the article on our website for the full story
about these two vitamins:


By the way, both of these vitamins are found in the
d-pinitol formula:


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not clickable)


2) Food Is an Antidepressant

No, we''re not talking about "comfort foods" that lift
you up and then let you down!

We''re talking about whole, healthier foods.

A very interesting study from the University
College London
in the UK found that depressed
individuals consumed "processed food" (heavily
loaded by sweetened desserts, fried food,
processed meat, refined grains and high-fat dairy

In contrast, the least depressed people consumed a
diet of "whole foods" (heavily loaded by
vegetables, fruits and fish).

Depression is a surprisingly common symptom of

"Convenience" foods are your enemy. They
worsen PCOS problems in all kinds of ways,
including depression.

If you need dietary guidance, we recommend this
PCOS diet book:


Read the full article here:

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not clickable)


3) What Is Gratitude?

We all know that PCOS is a stubborn disorder that
can create a great deal of emotional turmoil. The
emotional turmoil in turn produces hormones that
make your symptoms worse, which creates even
more turmoil.

Is there a way out of this vicious cycle?

Part of the solution is to focus your thoughts on the
good things in your life. So long as you''re thinking
about the good things, you''re not thinking about the
bad things. Positive thoughts build health.
Negative thoughts damage health.

One way to develop good thoughts is to think about
everything you''re grateful for.

Find out what three prominent writers have to
say about gratitude. It will inspire you.

Read the full article here:

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Go here to read any of our past newsletters,
including this current issue:


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Best of Health,

Bill Slater, Editor
PCOS Health Review

"To live is to choose. But to choose well, you must
know who you are and what you stand for, where
you want to go and why you want to get there."
-- Kofi Annan


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PCOS Health Review is a newsletter providing
natural health information for women with PCOS
or ovarian cysts.
Issue #094 - November 30, 2009

Published by Bill Slater, co-author of
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