Friday, November 27, 2009

Stiil counting

Hubby's supposed to go home today from Malaysia and the counting must have been over by now but guess what it's still 12 days to go, oh I don't count it that much now. It's a pretty long story and I don't want to blog about it, actually don't have the strength to write about it. Obviously he extended his stay and we fought, we argued over phone and over yahoo and facebook chat a lot of times about his extension and I must say this is the worst we've ever been into.

A friend told me that I should try to look at the bright side of it but at first I really couldn't see what's bright about it, but we were able to sort things out now. God is so good to us that He didn't let us stumble.

Honestly, it was devastating and I'm beginning to get depressed, It's actually the first time that I lost appetite one day and then emotionally eat a lot the next day. Good thing it's back to normal now, if that didn't stop I can imagine how big would I be. And I would probably need a weight loss austin wellness clinic is offering, well in fact I can't afford any health related expenses now.

but yeah, GOD IS SO GOOD!!! great counselor, great comforter, peace giver, a real friend.

I am OK now but still counting the days.

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