Sunday, November 8, 2009


Hubby and I were invited yesterday to attend a dedication and first birthday party at SM Storyland (Las Pinas) and we enjoyed it :) it is so nice to be kid once again. me and hubby had that ride all you can tag and although most of the rides are meant for the kids only, we rode some of them, roller coaster, bump cars and the bee and the boat like cradle :)

It was a nice party :) we also enjoyed the food from ALBA catering. forget about all the diet and appetite suppressants. We had a second serving of everything, that's how we enjoyed it.Thank you Ate Lorie and Kuya Ferdie for inviting us! Happy Birthday again Justin!!

Wait let me show you some pictures

Hubby at the bump car

the party room

with the two beautiful girls in our church

lining up at the bump car station with some more beauties minus me!!

If ever I have kid someday and we have money..I'll choose the same kind of place for a party, because kids super enjoyed it!!

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