Friday, November 6, 2009


Sale season is here!! As in everywhere I go I see a "SALE" sign on most of the establishments, Sigh, if only I have extra money I'll start buying those Christmas gifts na, ToysRUs in cash and carry is on sale up to 70% off and I found some good stuff when I went to look yesterday, unfortunately it will last only 'till November 8.

But I'm still hoping I can go to Bench warehouse sale this year, according to my yahoo group it's worth going to. I plan to buy the gifts for my big nephews there and some friends.

Even in the internet, sale is everywhere from clothes to shoes and even breeches, books and many more.

In this time of year, you would think you really need money so you can shop while items are on sale.

Again, if I am only rich.


  1. Hi there!
    Do you know when is the Bench Warehouse sale this year?
    Were a fan of this too, we religiously go every year. Really worth the trouble.

  2. Hi..the bench warehouse sale is on December 5 and 12 from 8 to 6pm. :)


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