Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sad Saturday

It's weekend but it's a different weekend. I don't know it's been 5 days since hubs left, at this stage I'm supposed to be like getting the hang of it but to tell you honestly it's getting harder as the days passed by. I just really hope he will listen to my cries and get back home on the 26rth as scheduled.

It's hard when you have nothing, I mean it's different when you have a child to take care of but I don't even have a pet at home, I know it's me who is against of having one, he wants a cat but I said no and besides I think of all the pet supplies we have to buy and no we can't have it but I am thinking otherwise now.

He's supposed to be here on Thursday (if he listened) and that's 5 more days. If not he'll be here on the 8th of December and I don't want to count the days anymore. I'll be lost.

For the meantime, I have to while the hour browsing and playing and working just to get my mind off from him.

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