Monday, November 9, 2009

Our elctricity bill

I don't want to sound as if I am complaining (but I admit I do) because it's also my desire to get /move to a place we can call our home, it's been three months now, we are enjoying it b ut n ot the bills that comes with it. hehe! I don't know why our electricity bill is so high well in fact we don't have air conditioning unit naman. Times like this I wished we had looked for apartments for rent that are way cheaper. But as I have said, I want this and so I just have to work hard for it.

Would you know any tips on how to cut down on electricity bill? I think it's the water pump that gives us that head ache. Now I am thinking if we can get away with that pump.

At the house, we have fridge, 3 electric fans (but we only get to used them when we're home,mostly on evenings) a TV -we don't watch TV shows so often too, 1 laptop for Andrew and Carmel and 1 desktop for us, a rice cooker and a washing machine, we do the laundry once a week . Our bill last month was 1,900 while last September it was only 1,400. I just hope it will not go up na this month.

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