Friday, November 6, 2009

Our balloon works

Without any formal training, we can now make balloon arch, pillars, flower balloon, ceiling balloon and others :) So if you are looking for a very cheap (as in really inexpensive) balloon decor just message me!!!

balloon pillar from baby Caley's dedication

this we made for our boss's birthday last July at Rockwell

arch for our praisin kid's town event

(my first try-sample only)

I enjoy doing this so I wanted to make this a real home base business, hopefully one of us, either hubby or me can attend a formal training soon. And of course we have also now a chocolate fountain. I just do not know how am I going to handle this because I still have a regular day job, I do my online work at night and here's another work mostly on weekend, I don't think I don't need to go on diet with the stuff I and will do but have to watch it still.

Again, for those who want a very affordable balloon decor for your christmas parties or any events just send me a message. :)

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