Thursday, November 12, 2009

looking for discounts?

There’s another seat sale on going at Cebu Pacific site, this time it’s 50% off from domestic and some international flights. I checked and you can get a round trip ticket to Singapore for only 3800 pesos. But knowing me, I still don’t find it affordable because I’m used to really cheap tickets. Remember our ticket to Macau? That’s less than 500 pesos. And our latest from Cebu cost us only 450 round trips for each person.

Howell, besides from checking cheap flights this morning, I happen to check this site also that offers a lot of nice car accessories, from floor mats to grills, dash kits and many more item. A lot of cars was damaged by the typhoon Ondoy so I hope they can check here and be able to buy with discounts. Who wouldn’t want a discount from everything you buy right? Again, these are hard times and it is best to buy on sale or those who offer discounts.

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