Monday, October 26, 2009

My Christmas wish list

For my friends, my sisters, my cousins, and to whoever loves me out there, posting my Christmas wish list. I usually do not expect much gifts for myself on Christmas because it's usually me who gives (that's quite sad and happy at the same time) but this time I just wanted to make a list nd see what I'll be getting this year if ever.

1. Bed sheets - although I've been getting this from my oldest sister two years in a row now I would still love to receive one this year. And sis this year I want a plain and solid color please :)

2. Laptop - ok, I know no one would give me this but hey this is just a wish list.

3. Set of scented candles in brown color - not that it is important but those are the stuff i won't buy me because of my kakuriputan so can you just give me one please?

4. mobile homes - yes, because we are always on the move. Wish there is something like that here. Stop dreaming Raquel.

5. A one week stay in a posh hotel - ok if you think that is too much, I'll settle for two nights. hehe!

6. Baby? - Lord please grant me my wish this Christmas.

7. Photo frames - I already bought 3 last week and still I will be delighted getting them as gifts this Christmas. I would love to start my photo wall in our bedroom next year.

8. Perfumes - I am not fond of perfumes actually but I would love to start getting myself use to it. I am a cologne person eh.

9. Whole body massage and spa and manicure and pedicure, hair cut,hot oil or whatever that will make me feel like a queen.Just once in my life.

10. Car - I am tired of hopping in to hubby's motorbike na. And I feel sick of having all the dirt and pollution of Metro everyday so if you feel generous why not give me one.

Most likely..I'll get 3 out of the ten I mentioned. And I'm sure you know what are those from that list. Your guess is as good as mine.

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  1. expect one from us sis :) secret muna kung alin sa list mo... basta meron... isipin ko pa kung saan ang swak sa budget ko :p


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