Friday, October 30, 2009

Men's health

Surely reading is always worth the time because you learn something from it. Although I prefer reading books I still read a lot over the internet because I am practically in front of the computer day in and day out. So randomly I read a lot of news and articles worth reading from time to time.

But I admit I spend (waste) a lot of time playing games at facebook too.

So what I do, I compensate by reading (when I open my mails) I read the news feeds and click whatever that interest me. Like this vasectomy reversal I read a while ago from men’s health while browsing some reproductive health sites . I didn’t know you can do such thing. Because I knew one couple from the church who had vasectomy and then after long years they had another baby and everyone seems to wonder because everyone knew they can’t have baby anymore. Now that answers their questions.

So even if you get old and had that operation it is still possible to reverse it and have a baby.

Makes me wonder if my husband will ever reached that point because as you all know we are still praying for a baby and will he ever need it someday. I don’t know.

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