Friday, October 30, 2009

It's long weekend!!

I am looking forward for a long weekend tomorrow and although my Saturday will still be full because of Praisin Kids town activity, still I am giddily happy I don't have to wake up early on Monday morning!!

Who doesn't love long weekend? Ask all the corporate slaves like me and they will answer in unison for sure. I know need a rest. I've been working like a horse the whole week, maybe the boss thinks I have four hands and four heads. I was literally typing like mad for a couple of days. I need a break.

Next week will be all work again which is bad because I know I have to find time to go to Pag-ibig and SSS office to secure a new ID. I heard there's a long line in both offices now a days because a lot are filing for calamity loans r some people maybe filing for disability appeal, whatever I hope I can finish that task next week. Have to remind my self also that hubby has to go with me so he can transfer his status to voluntary contribution.

But let us think of that next week. For now I will just look forward for the long weekend.

Be blessed everyone!

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