Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I need to be rich

That is my current state of mind as of this moment and you read it right ”I need to be rich” not I want to be rich.

Just so I can give to whoever asks for money, just so I will not feel guilty if I don’t have anything to give especially to family members. Just so I can give my parents anything they want and anytime they want it.

Just so I don’t feel this feeling when I want to give but I don’t have any.

Just so I won’t feel bad if someone who owes me money do not pay at all.

Just so I can go wherever I want anytime I want it. Like go to orlando vacations with dear hubby right now. Like when I am feeling blue, I will not have to force my self to stay in the office even if I don’t feel right. Yeah just like NOW.

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