Thursday, October 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Nanay

My Nanay celebrated her 70th birthday last October 11, so we went back to province to be with her. My parents are already in their old age, my tatay is 72 already but praise God they are still both healthy, can still travel ( from our province to here (manila) without any assistance. They still help my sister in taking care of her kids, mom can still cook and do a lot of household chores.

How I wish I could give them more nice gifts and treat them (as I always wish) because they deserve it. After all the hardships of bringing us into this world and sending us to school and parenting us, they deserve all the good gifts they can have. But guess what? Up to this day they still think of us more than they think of themselves, so selfless really. I know Nanay wants something for our house in the province, she has mentioned to me many times that she wants a new and big kitchen cabinet but she keeps on postponing it because she puts her child or grandchild needs first. Sigh. I really wish I could buy her all those modern furniture she likes.

But then, seeing her big smiles on her birthday although we didn't give her anything big, no grand party or whatsoever, it's very heartwarming. I hope she'll have more birthdays with us to come.More Christmas, more new year and I hope she will still be here to look and see her first grand child with us. So I pray that to happen soon.

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