Sunday, October 25, 2009

First Chocolate fountain client

We finally and officially started the chocolate fountain business I blogged about few days ago. Our very first client was a cousin. It was baby dedication and though I must say we have flaws and boboos on that day it was still a hit among the kids. They literally waited for us to set up the fountain and wait for that precious chocolate flows. I don't have any decent and nice picture to show you but hopefully on our next event this Saturday we can get a good picture. Yes, we have another client this Saturday!! We are blessed!

Now, with our sweets business, wish me the best for my dieting. I just hope the extra effort and workload will serve as my fat burner or else I'll double up in couple of weeks. But still, am so happy we started this home business. So there, if you need a chocolate fountain for your parties, just message me :)

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