Monday, October 5, 2009

Early planning for summer outing

I am planning an early summer outing right now. It’s for a dear friend from UK who is set to leave the county on May 1st and yes she wants me to plan her farewell beach party with her closest friend as early as now. And that’s good so we can save enough for that trip and we can book or look for cheaper flights.

I brought up several choices, either Boracay because we both have never been there, but April is already a peak season so everything is expensive there. I just wonder if we book a lodging now will I get it cheaper than regular peak season rate or still the same? I really wanted to got to Boracay one day. Most of our friends have been there already and I’m jealous..hehe!

Next option is Busuanga, this place is so nice too. A friend went there last summer, they were able to buy a Cebu Pacific ticket that is way too cheap, like the one we had for our Cebu trip I guess. And she said accommodation is not too pricey, it’s only the tour which is (island hopping) that will cost us big. So we are considering that one seriously.

Another choice is the famous Bohol of course but again because we always go on a budget trip, we still have to check if Cebu Pacific offers seat sale here also.

Hay, again how I wish that we are all rich so we can just fly whatever and wherever we want to. IF we are rich I would always plan for out of the country trips..hehe and book the nicest hotel there, like the myrtle beach resorts in South Carolina. Will spend at least one to two weeks there and have fun with dear hubby.

But then back to reality, I’ll have to check the local rates for the above resorts now. Any suggestions of cheap accommodation to Bohol, Boracay and Busuanga? Need them please.

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