Saturday, October 17, 2009

Debt Management

Guess what? My dear husband enjoyed the movie "confessions of a shopaholic" which we've got to see only last Wednesday night. A friend bought the DVD and I nagged him to watch with us. And yes, he enjoyed it, he was all smiles and laughing all the time. Next in line would be "The devil wears Prada" which we bought yesterday. Saw it on the big screen but I want to watch it again with him.

Anyways, back to shopaholic..I know it is so true and it can happen or might be happening to someone right now. In America, it is so easy to have credit cards and like that girl anyone can have 3,5 or even more than 5 credit cards. The problem lies when you can’t pay them anymore. It’s too late to realize that you’ve spent more than what you actually earn.

But then in America, there are also lots of help when you get yourself to that situation, but of course you have to be determined to help yourself also. You can enroll yourself into a debt management program and also you can get a debt counselor. I don’t think we have that here. is one of those organizations I have mentioned above. There, they will consolidate your debt which is good because you only have to worry about paying one debt only. They will also lower your interest rates which you can discuss with your debt counselor. The best I think is that they will eliminate annoying collector’s calls.

Remember Derek Smeath? You don’t want that for sure.

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