Wednesday, October 21, 2009

15 Signs You're Addicted To Facebook

Got this from : glamour magazine

1. Work has become a nice break from Facebook, rather than the other way around.

2. When you're not on Facebook, you're trawling the internet for a new job as you're convinced you'll be sacked for excessive Facebooking very soon.

3. The first thing you think when you are fired for excessive Facebooking is, 'Great, now I can spend more time on Facebook.'

4. You've become a Facebook pusher. "Try it once, you'll love it..." you say to networking virgins.

5. You obsessively check your friends'/ex-boyfriends'/total strangers' list of friends to see if they have more than you do. And if they do...

6. become a friend thief. Who cares if you don't know them? All's fair in love and Facebook war...

7. The last time you had any intimate contact was when you were 'poked' by some guy you haven't seen for two years. Actual sex is so last century...

8. You realise you've spent the last hour looking of photos of someone you don't even know

9. When it comes to meeting people, if they're not 'on' they're not worth bothering with. Who needs real friends when you're trying to reach the elusive 150 mark with your virtual ones?

10. You forget your best friend's birthday but you figure she'll be perfectly happy if you 'gift' her a cocktail and a Happy Birthday balloon.

11. You've had three group invites this morning but seem to be having yet another quiet night in tonight.

12. You turn down a night out at the pub quiz to play Scrabulous. It's a game, you're playing it with a friend and having a drink while you do it. What's the difference?

13. When it comes to solving real-life problems, your Magic 8 Ball application has made decision-making easy. So what if you were in love with the guy it told you to dump? Plenty more fish in the Facebook sea...

14. You haven't had a food fight for ten years but now your day isn't complete until you've thrown something at a friend. It's a sign of affection, you know.

15. You're dreading your holiday because you can't face going cold turkey.

I hate to admit it but I am guilty of number 3 (although I know I will not be sacjed due to excessive facebooking but am thinking if I don't have work na, number 4 I have friends whom I pushed to facebook..ahehehe!, and number 8-love to look at lovely photos..even though I do not them :)

happy facebooking!!

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