Friday, October 30, 2009

Order fulfillment

I'm sure if you are a client you, you only look for one thing from your supplier. It's order fulfillment to the utmost and best. Otherwise you will not go back to that supplier again.

That I wish to deliver. Unfortunately we failed on our first client good thing it's my cousin..hehe! but nonetheless it doesn't give me the excuse to not deliver to what we have talked about.

Who knows setting up that chocolate fountain on that event would be so hard? While in fact we did it before and it goes well smoothly and just fine.

I hope we can have that mission : to deliver to client what they ordered surpassing their expectation.

Well, we are just starting and we still have a long way to go. We learn through our experiences.

Signal # 2

According to Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical & Astronomical Service Administration or the infamous PAGASA weather bureau, Metro Manila is now placed under signal #2 as well as its neighboring provinces. Right now there is no rain and wind but the sky is gloomy.

But I have to decide soon. You see, we have a major major activity for our Urban Poor Kids ministry tomorrow (mini carnival) but if the weather is bad we have to postponed it. I don't want to risk some 150 kids getting soak in rain or if worst comes to worst stranded in our hands if ever.

Safety and health of the kids comes first. So I guess I really have to cancel the activity tomorrow. that means calling all the suppliers and re-scheduling everything.

Anyways, before I do that, I'll have to check the bcbsnc or if you do not know what it is , it's the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina® just so I can have comparison. Our office use Blue Cross here and I have also inquired for me and my husband also.

Going back to the weather, it is still not raining..

What shall I do?

It's long weekend!!

I am looking forward for a long weekend tomorrow and although my Saturday will still be full because of Praisin Kids town activity, still I am giddily happy I don't have to wake up early on Monday morning!!

Who doesn't love long weekend? Ask all the corporate slaves like me and they will answer in unison for sure. I know need a rest. I've been working like a horse the whole week, maybe the boss thinks I have four hands and four heads. I was literally typing like mad for a couple of days. I need a break.

Next week will be all work again which is bad because I know I have to find time to go to Pag-ibig and SSS office to secure a new ID. I heard there's a long line in both offices now a days because a lot are filing for calamity loans r some people maybe filing for disability appeal, whatever I hope I can finish that task next week. Have to remind my self also that hubby has to go with me so he can transfer his status to voluntary contribution.

But let us think of that next week. For now I will just look forward for the long weekend.

Be blessed everyone!

Am I?

You Are A Good Friend

You're always willing to listen to your friends.

And you're the first to lend a shoulder to cry on.

You're there through thick and thin. You won't stop being friends with someone when times are tough.

In fact, you're such a good friend that many people consider you their "best friend"!

I'm flattered :)

Men's health

Surely reading is always worth the time because you learn something from it. Although I prefer reading books I still read a lot over the internet because I am practically in front of the computer day in and day out. So randomly I read a lot of news and articles worth reading from time to time.

But I admit I spend (waste) a lot of time playing games at facebook too.

So what I do, I compensate by reading (when I open my mails) I read the news feeds and click whatever that interest me. Like this vasectomy reversal I read a while ago from men’s health while browsing some reproductive health sites . I didn’t know you can do such thing. Because I knew one couple from the church who had vasectomy and then after long years they had another baby and everyone seems to wonder because everyone knew they can’t have baby anymore. Now that answers their questions.

So even if you get old and had that operation it is still possible to reverse it and have a baby.

Makes me wonder if my husband will ever reached that point because as you all know we are still praying for a baby and will he ever need it someday. I don’t know.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Warning: Cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health.

But what if it is E-cigarettes? Haven’t heard it? Well, same here but it’s no surprise because with the very advanced technology we have now, everything is being offered on the internet, everything E, e-commerce, ebook, what else? And now E-cigarettes.

They said that this one is so not the same with the traditional tobacco cigarettes, according to the site, it doesn’t have the chemicals that the traditional tobacco ahs so it means it is safer. And just how this E-cigarettes work ? they claim it taste like real cigarette and feels similar but you’ll be amazed because it is electronic really. Technology at its best I must say, bringing the same pleasure to smokers but not putting their life and their loved ones in danger, As we all know that second hand smoker is even more dangerous that the smoker itself. So if you want to be on the safe side try this, I do not know how much the price is and if you can actually buy it here now but E-Cigarettes Austria are now available there and also E-Cigarettes Brazil. There's E-Cigarettes Belgium also so if you are from there. there would be no problem getting it.

I don’t smoke but my parents do. I wonder though how would they react when I get to tell them this.

Again : Cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health so know everything about it before trying.

I need to be rich

That is my current state of mind as of this moment and you read it right ”I need to be rich” not I want to be rich.

Just so I can give to whoever asks for money, just so I will not feel guilty if I don’t have anything to give especially to family members. Just so I can give my parents anything they want and anytime they want it.

Just so I don’t feel this feeling when I want to give but I don’t have any.

Just so I won’t feel bad if someone who owes me money do not pay at all.

Just so I can go wherever I want anytime I want it. Like go to orlando vacations with dear hubby right now. Like when I am feeling blue, I will not have to force my self to stay in the office even if I don’t feel right. Yeah just like NOW.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Slimming tea for PCOS

Seriously I need weight loss pills but I know I can't take it this time. Not unless I consul an OB and get a go signal for it. Now, I wonder if a slimming tea ( you know those brands that are being advertise in tv) is safe. I am thinking of having them instead of pills kasi eh. What's the safest slimming tea in your opinion? best brands? Have anyone with PCOS tried it na? are there any side effects?

Please share me your opinions and experience. Thanks everyone..oh and don't worry I know I don't have to rely on slimming tea alone to lose weight.

Life's exit signs

How I wish we could see the exit signs in our life immediately when we are in trouble and so we could just get out from the mess we are in. Or don’t you wish you know where exactly the EXIT SIGNS when you sense you’re gonna be in tough phase in your life? How we wish life is that easy, but I know it is not.

I’ve been too many tough times and most of the time I find my self really at lost and do not know where to go but you know what? I always manage to get out of it, not to my sole credit but of course it is because of the help I get from above.

You know you yourself don’t have to see the exit signs when you are in hard times but if you will let Him, God will show you the way out, He will guide you in every step until you finally find your self free from that stage. We just need to completely trust Him, surrender to Him and know that He is in control of our every situation.

So next time you find your self in tough times like I do now, do not try so hard to look for the exit sign but ask God to lead you out and always remember the lesson you have learned along the way.

Have a nice day everyone!

Monday, October 26, 2009

My Christmas wish list

For my friends, my sisters, my cousins, and to whoever loves me out there, posting my Christmas wish list. I usually do not expect much gifts for myself on Christmas because it's usually me who gives (that's quite sad and happy at the same time) but this time I just wanted to make a list nd see what I'll be getting this year if ever.

1. Bed sheets - although I've been getting this from my oldest sister two years in a row now I would still love to receive one this year. And sis this year I want a plain and solid color please :)

2. Laptop - ok, I know no one would give me this but hey this is just a wish list.

3. Set of scented candles in brown color - not that it is important but those are the stuff i won't buy me because of my kakuriputan so can you just give me one please?

4. mobile homes - yes, because we are always on the move. Wish there is something like that here. Stop dreaming Raquel.

5. A one week stay in a posh hotel - ok if you think that is too much, I'll settle for two nights. hehe!

6. Baby? - Lord please grant me my wish this Christmas.

7. Photo frames - I already bought 3 last week and still I will be delighted getting them as gifts this Christmas. I would love to start my photo wall in our bedroom next year.

8. Perfumes - I am not fond of perfumes actually but I would love to start getting myself use to it. I am a cologne person eh.

9. Whole body massage and spa and manicure and pedicure, hair cut,hot oil or whatever that will make me feel like a queen.Just once in my life.

10. Car - I am tired of hopping in to hubby's motorbike na. And I feel sick of having all the dirt and pollution of Metro everyday so if you feel generous why not give me one.

Most likely..I'll get 3 out of the ten I mentioned. And I'm sure you know what are those from that list. Your guess is as good as mine.

Sister's Week Tag

It's been a long since I did a tag on this blog.

This tag was from Vicy and I feel so honored and so loved :) Thank you sis for this tag. Of course I am tagging you back because you are one of those friends I have in this online world :)

Start copying here:

Be the kind of women that when your feet hit the floor each morning,
The devil says "Oh Crap, She's Up."
Sister, life is too short to wake up with regrets.
So love the people who treat you right.
Love the ones who don't just because you can.
Believe in everything happens for a reason.
If you get a second chance, grab it with both hands.
If it changes your life, let it.
Kiss slowly. Forgive quickly.
God never said life would be easy.
He just promise it would be worth it.
Today is sister's day.

To the cool women that have touched my life.
this is for you.....LOVE U!!!


Tag all your sisters, mothers, daughters, aunts, girlfriends,
Including me if I am like one. If you get tag back seven times, you are loved.
Happy sister's day! LOVE YA SISTA!!!
Girlfriend and sisters WEEK.

I am tagging my sisters Carmel, Mari, Manang Lisa, and Juliana. Enjoy posting this one!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

First Chocolate fountain client

We finally and officially started the chocolate fountain business I blogged about few days ago. Our very first client was a cousin. It was baby dedication and though I must say we have flaws and boboos on that day it was still a hit among the kids. They literally waited for us to set up the fountain and wait for that precious chocolate flows. I don't have any decent and nice picture to show you but hopefully on our next event this Saturday we can get a good picture. Yes, we have another client this Saturday!! We are blessed!

Now, with our sweets business, wish me the best for my dieting. I just hope the extra effort and workload will serve as my fat burner or else I'll double up in couple of weeks. But still, am so happy we started this home business. So there, if you need a chocolate fountain for your parties, just message me :)

Health and PCOS Update

If you are a regular reader of my blog (of course I hope there is one out there) maybe by now you know that I am PCOS. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Both ovaries. Had my first TVS last 2007 and consulted OB for a couple of months and then we stopped, we didn't have any fertility work-ups because honestly we can't afford it. All the consultation,medicines and those fertility treatments will cost us an arm and a leg. So we decided to leave it up to the Lord and just wait for His miracle.

Obviously we haven't given one until now. How are we? I can't say we're doing great about it because really we are not.

We long to hold our own baby in our hands, buy some cute stuff, cradle, carry and see that sweetest smile.

But we are are certainly not losing hope. So while we are on hold for the treatment, we plan to continue next year, I read and try to equip my self in relation to PCOS, pregnancy and childbirth, mostly though about coping up with this syndrome I had. Internet has helped me a lot about this because there are thousand of articles out there where you can read and learn about PCOS and pregnancy. is one of them. I get good reads about fertility, maternity and almost about everything with regards to pregnancy and childbirth.

I bought some books also.

So far up to this time I am still overweight ( do not know my exact weight now, weighing scale is one of my greatest enemy) but my menstrual period is better. Before I get it once in six months or once in four months but now the span is shorter like every other month or sometimes I'll have regular period in three months. So I hope when we go back to OB next year, there would be some improvements and she will say we have a big chance.

For now, I'll keep reading and hoping.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Early Christmas gift

For us!! Our missionary friend from England will buy us a DVD next week, she said she's been thinking of a Christmas gift for us and then she said since we don't have DVD player (our old and cheap DVD gave up on us last year) she'll be buying us one and what's even great? she'll buy it soon!! Now we don't have to watch movie in Andrew's laptop and in our desktop computer anymore. We are blessed! and I know asking the Lord for a rackmount lcd tv would be too much :) maybe next year..hehe.

And speaking of Christmas..I have yet to start our list and that means haven't started buying any gifts also and can someone remind how many days left before Christmas??

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Nanay

My Nanay celebrated her 70th birthday last October 11, so we went back to province to be with her. My parents are already in their old age, my tatay is 72 already but praise God they are still both healthy, can still travel ( from our province to here (manila) without any assistance. They still help my sister in taking care of her kids, mom can still cook and do a lot of household chores.

How I wish I could give them more nice gifts and treat them (as I always wish) because they deserve it. After all the hardships of bringing us into this world and sending us to school and parenting us, they deserve all the good gifts they can have. But guess what? Up to this day they still think of us more than they think of themselves, so selfless really. I know Nanay wants something for our house in the province, she has mentioned to me many times that she wants a new and big kitchen cabinet but she keeps on postponing it because she puts her child or grandchild needs first. Sigh. I really wish I could buy her all those modern furniture she likes.

But then, seeing her big smiles on her birthday although we didn't give her anything big, no grand party or whatsoever, it's very heartwarming. I hope she'll have more birthdays with us to come.More Christmas, more new year and I hope she will still be here to look and see her first grand child with us. So I pray that to happen soon.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Filipinos to enjoy two long weekends in November - Nation - GMANews.TV - Official Website of GMA News and Public Affairs - Latest Philippine News

Filipinos to enjoy two long weekends in November - Nation - GMANews.TV - Official Website of GMA News and Public Affairs - Latest Philippine News

15 Signs You're Addicted To Facebook

Got this from : glamour magazine

1. Work has become a nice break from Facebook, rather than the other way around.

2. When you're not on Facebook, you're trawling the internet for a new job as you're convinced you'll be sacked for excessive Facebooking very soon.

3. The first thing you think when you are fired for excessive Facebooking is, 'Great, now I can spend more time on Facebook.'

4. You've become a Facebook pusher. "Try it once, you'll love it..." you say to networking virgins.

5. You obsessively check your friends'/ex-boyfriends'/total strangers' list of friends to see if they have more than you do. And if they do...

6. become a friend thief. Who cares if you don't know them? All's fair in love and Facebook war...

7. The last time you had any intimate contact was when you were 'poked' by some guy you haven't seen for two years. Actual sex is so last century...

8. You realise you've spent the last hour looking of photos of someone you don't even know

9. When it comes to meeting people, if they're not 'on' they're not worth bothering with. Who needs real friends when you're trying to reach the elusive 150 mark with your virtual ones?

10. You forget your best friend's birthday but you figure she'll be perfectly happy if you 'gift' her a cocktail and a Happy Birthday balloon.

11. You've had three group invites this morning but seem to be having yet another quiet night in tonight.

12. You turn down a night out at the pub quiz to play Scrabulous. It's a game, you're playing it with a friend and having a drink while you do it. What's the difference?

13. When it comes to solving real-life problems, your Magic 8 Ball application has made decision-making easy. So what if you were in love with the guy it told you to dump? Plenty more fish in the Facebook sea...

14. You haven't had a food fight for ten years but now your day isn't complete until you've thrown something at a friend. It's a sign of affection, you know.

15. You're dreading your holiday because you can't face going cold turkey.

I hate to admit it but I am guilty of number 3 (although I know I will not be sacjed due to excessive facebooking but am thinking if I don't have work na, number 4 I have friends whom I pushed to facebook..ahehehe!, and number 8-love to look at lovely photos..even though I do not them :)

happy facebooking!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Chocolate fountain business

I already mentioned in my other blog that me and a friend are venturing into "chocolate fountain" business. Lately, we've been thinking a lot of extra income, we started by selling leche flan ( a sweet delicacy) and now the chocolate fountain. I just hope that aside from worrying of getting bigger and taking a diet pill because you can't hold your self not eating what you sell (masarap eh!) we will also succeed in this endeavor. If this happen and my party planning pushes trough, I'll definitely quit my day job na.

Well, wish us all the best!!


Our newest pamangkin......forever doting aunt and uncle na lang yata kami :)


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Debt Management

Guess what? My dear husband enjoyed the movie "confessions of a shopaholic" which we've got to see only last Wednesday night. A friend bought the DVD and I nagged him to watch with us. And yes, he enjoyed it, he was all smiles and laughing all the time. Next in line would be "The devil wears Prada" which we bought yesterday. Saw it on the big screen but I want to watch it again with him.

Anyways, back to shopaholic..I know it is so true and it can happen or might be happening to someone right now. In America, it is so easy to have credit cards and like that girl anyone can have 3,5 or even more than 5 credit cards. The problem lies when you can’t pay them anymore. It’s too late to realize that you’ve spent more than what you actually earn.

But then in America, there are also lots of help when you get yourself to that situation, but of course you have to be determined to help yourself also. You can enroll yourself into a debt management program and also you can get a debt counselor. I don’t think we have that here. is one of those organizations I have mentioned above. There, they will consolidate your debt which is good because you only have to worry about paying one debt only. They will also lower your interest rates which you can discuss with your debt counselor. The best I think is that they will eliminate annoying collector’s calls.

Remember Derek Smeath? You don’t want that for sure.

Friday, October 16, 2009


Taken from our recent CEBU trip while on our weay to the airport, if I am not mistaken this is the Mandaue Bridge.

For more skywatch photos. click HERE.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Hubby and I are off to Nueva Ecija for my Nanay's 70th birthday celebration!! And even now I imagine good and lots of food!! I know there will be lechon and am so looking forward to it!

Anyways, this was just a quick post. As you can see it is already 12:59 AM and I am still wide awake and we are leaving at 4:00 in the morning. Still haven't got proper sleep since last night.

So bye for now everyone! hope you are all enjoying your weekend!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fashion eyeglasses

My hubby needs to replace his eyeglasses already, actually he has gone to the optical shop and ordered one but he has to get it yet.Although his is not the $ 8 Rx eyeglasses type, it is also not expensive. We are doing all we can and learning on How You Can Start Spending Smart because we have bills to pay now since we moved out. Anyways, this picture below if i wear them would be My favorite high fashion eyeglasses from zenni's collection. Love the colors and design.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What was that?

The last thing I wanted to happen to me at this point in time is to get S-I-C-K. Why? for so many reasons but first and foremost I know we don't have money for hospitalization. And although I know God will provide in times of need I still don't wanna give/spend thousands of money to hospitals and medicines.

Last night, I fell sick for reasons I do not know till now. I woke up at 3 am with excruciating abdominal pain, I was vomiting real hard but nothing is coming out which makes it all the more unbearable. And I also feel itchy, especially my palms and hands, I was shaking, perspiring and afraid.

I almost cry but I did not. I mustered all my energies, went to the bathroom and splash my face with cold water. There away from hubby's eyes I sat still, prayed and cried.

After a while , I felt a lot better. So I went upstairs and went back to bed, my stomach is still in pain. I asked hubby to pray and upon hearing his prayer I fell asleep. I woke up at around 7:00 am still not feeling best but I am ok.

I still wonder what was that? what cause that terrible pain and itchiness. But Praise God I am alright. Hubby was afraid, he thought we are going to the hospital right there and then and I know unlike me, he doens't worry too much about the money but he worry a lot about ME.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Early planning for summer outing

I am planning an early summer outing right now. It’s for a dear friend from UK who is set to leave the county on May 1st and yes she wants me to plan her farewell beach party with her closest friend as early as now. And that’s good so we can save enough for that trip and we can book or look for cheaper flights.

I brought up several choices, either Boracay because we both have never been there, but April is already a peak season so everything is expensive there. I just wonder if we book a lodging now will I get it cheaper than regular peak season rate or still the same? I really wanted to got to Boracay one day. Most of our friends have been there already and I’m jealous..hehe!

Next option is Busuanga, this place is so nice too. A friend went there last summer, they were able to buy a Cebu Pacific ticket that is way too cheap, like the one we had for our Cebu trip I guess. And she said accommodation is not too pricey, it’s only the tour which is (island hopping) that will cost us big. So we are considering that one seriously.

Another choice is the famous Bohol of course but again because we always go on a budget trip, we still have to check if Cebu Pacific offers seat sale here also.

Hay, again how I wish that we are all rich so we can just fly whatever and wherever we want to. IF we are rich I would always plan for out of the country trips..hehe and book the nicest hotel there, like the myrtle beach resorts in South Carolina. Will spend at least one to two weeks there and have fun with dear hubby.

But then back to reality, I’ll have to check the local rates for the above resorts now. Any suggestions of cheap accommodation to Bohol, Boracay and Busuanga? Need them please.

Freshwater Pearls

Good morning everyone! Finally a sunny Monday morning for all of us here in Metro Manila. So it's back to regular work this week even for students who had their early semester break last week.

Anyways, to start this week right , guess what I am looking right at my computer monitor. Look at this freshwater pearls ring.It's so pretty..Isn't it? Got that picture from They have wide collection of pearls and I must say they are all beautiful. And whats' even nicer? they accept paypal for payment. :) That one would be one of my wishes for the coming Christmas season. I just love the brownish color. I can wear it on a friends wedding with brown as her color motif. Perfect! I actually have one like these before which unfortunately I lost. It was also a gift from a friend.

How about you? do you have any pearl jewelry? any favorite color?